Friday, June 27, 2008

Perp watch

I'm way behind today as result of coming home at 2am from the Duchess and the Duke show last night which was rad! While I'm playing catch up here's a heads up to all you midtown business owners and residents out there:

Hi, This is Scott with Zanzibar at corner of 18th and L in Midtown. Tonight at 7:20-7:25 pm (Wed June 25th, 2008), Beyond Gotham (a retail store on 18th Street between Capitol and L Sts) was robbed by an African American Man mid-late 30's to 40's approx. 5'10". He was wearing white sneakers, jeans and a yellow shirt. He was carrying a red or maroon jacket over a bag.

Perp assaulted an employee and threatened with a knife (see photos). Robber is known to frequent area over last week plus and has been asking to do "odd jobs for money so I can eat". Police have been notified. If you have seen this man, know this man or have anything to add, contact the Sacramento Police Department and refer 08-205398 at 264-5471.

If this gentleman enters your store, consider calling 911 immediately. Hes ARMED and DANGEROUS. The employee in question was not harmed.

This email was created by Scott Farrell of Zanzibar for Beyond Gotham.

So these photos aren't the most helpful but perhaps some of you will recognize dude based on his outfit. Creepy!

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