Monday, June 30, 2008


Saturday morning OMF and I cleaned out the basement and it was awesome! No seriously it was despite finding termite damage and having to move a bunch of our dank smelling shit around. Why was it so awesome you might ask?????

It all started when we decided to rip out some water damage and discovered that the wall was lined in recycled packing crates for corsets and auto parts. We saved some of the best pieces. It reminded me of a ghosttowning trip I took with a different old man some years ago and we discovered a house that was way out in the middle of nothing completely insulated with old Schwinn boxes. I should look around for the photo I got of that 'cause it was pretty neat.

Once the wall was taken out it was time for the ceiling. As OMF was approaching this next step we noticed that when you'd bump the ceiling it sounded like there was a beer can rattling around up there.

Low and behold... it was not a beer can it was several beer cans. I'm guessing about a 100 or so. On one of the first whacks at the drywall, cans started to just rain out of the rafters which was pretty funny.

At the end of all those cans we unearthed this:

Ahhh, Mint Springs. A more refreshing whiskey can't be found. In addition to this OMF also found a dog collar with a tag on it from 1945. Sweet!

Now about those beer cans. I'm sure there's some collectors out there right now reading this thinking "how can I get my hands on some of those sweet cans?" Here's the deal, I will happily trade six vintage empties for a sixer of contemporary full cans.* It's a screamin' deal I know so act fast!!! Fast!!!!!!!

*Natural Lite, the beast, Maxx, Keystone, and any "ice" beers excluded.


WendeeB said...

that whiskey bottle is a great find. it must be fun to go through an older home like that.

wburg said...

oh man...that's awesome! I dig finding that kind of neat thing, and there's good odds that someone will want to buy just about all of that.

I cleaned out my basement too, and I didn't find anything nearly as good--just a bunch of dirt and cobwebs. The only signs of previous occupants we have turned up are some chalk scribblings on the wall (in Italian) and a piece of Italian wine crate drafted into service as a shelf.

smitty said...

That combines Bill's Italian with the Mint Springs!

Liv Moe said...

that's awesome! it's crazy that's it full and unopened too. now about those beer cans....