Monday, June 30, 2008

Super Fan!

The Dutchess and the Duke were super good last week especially given that we thought we weren't gonna get in until about an hour and a half before the show started! I hope, hope, hope they make Sac a pit stop on their next go round.

Crazy apocalyptic sky on the way to the bay.




Saturday the Ol' Man and I went to see Ricky Berger and now I like so many others in the this town am hooked. Up until this past weekend I had only heard her CD but hadn't seen her live. While I liked the CD I thought, this is really good but it's not a genre I'm all that into. Her show totally swayed me. The songs performed live have an entirely different flavor and don't have that throwback quality that old timey jazz can often have. I was particularly touched when she started crying a little when she got a standing ovation. So charming! Her songs were great, the venue was lovely, and the ice cream sunday that concluded the evening was bomb! Best G rated Saturday night ever!

Here's a picture of her standing "O." I didn't really take all that many pics as every one and their brother were fighting for choice shooting spots. Crazy fans!

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