Thursday, June 26, 2008

Police State

Last night I went to Olipom's final send off and scored a gang of sunglasses. It's a drag that it won't be around anymore but it's cool that O's gonna finally get some days off.

Skinner was there looking tight!

Stick Rocklin!

When we were leaving the fuzz arrived and hassled some skaters that were sitting in front of the store which was pretty cheesy. First they said that they received a complaint about some individuals yelling at passers by from the sidewalk then they said that they were in the area investigating hate crime activity. Either way the kids in front of the store were being extremely cooperative and mellow. It's also curious to me why it takes three cars and six officers to check out a heckling charge.

I can't specifically vouch for what was or wasn't happening at all times that evening since I was inside until I left but on my approach I didn't notice anything particularly rowdy going on nor did I hear anything from inside the store. Once the fuzz arrived you'd think they were called on some serious dispute given the amount of man power present.

It's shit like this that seriously makes me think that there should be some sort of advocacy group that stands up for venues and any other places hosting all ages events in this town. Really, when the police decide to come down on a place many businesses are left with few avenues. Not that I don't have enough irons in my fire but still... something to think about.


Jeff M. said...

The cops were probably just following their show of force protocol...or nothing pressing was happening and they were bored. If you had to patrol a dead beat, you too would probably jump at the chance to screw with some skaters. But shows of force are actually a good thing. I work in mental health, and 9 times out of 10 when we have a large enough show of force potentially violent situations dissipate.

beckler said...

when I was there two cops walked by and didn't even glance over at us drinking beers and cocktails on the sidewalk. tight.

Liv Moe said...

Hmmm, but what if there was no potentially violent situation? Is a show of force still acceptable?

Jeff M. said...

I'd say yeah, because cops don't know what's what until they are actually face to face with whoever is supposedly causing a problem.

Most beat cops I deal with at work are cool. City police especially. Sheriffs tend to be dicks more often. You know who you want to look out for is detectives. I once had a pair of detectives push their way into my apartment. When I asked for a warrant, they threw me on the ground and slapped me into handcuffs. Then they searched my entire apartment. They were looking for my dad because he was a parolee and hadn't paid some fine (the doj needs their money!). Then they used my house phone to call my dad on his cell phone while I was face down on my living room floor in cuffs.

My wife loves that damn Law & Order, but I'm like fuck Detective Bobby Goren. I hold a grudge against his kind.

nick said...

there was a pit bull loose at Marrrrs the other day and the cop called AC but was afraid to go near the sucker so i had to chase the dog down 20th then i demanded that he put the boy in his car with the windows down. i don't know what my point is.

Anonymous said...

I think your point is that you are super badass.