Monday, June 9, 2008


Saturday night was really, really somethin', There was a fashion/rnr show at the Javalounge which th' Streaks and a bunch of other bands played. Some friends were in town from LA. The mag was out and 15,000 copies were already on the street by 4pm that day. Life was good.

After a cumbersome meal of fairly white but delicious Mexican food at Pancho's I hooked up with TP and Lady Smitty - I think I need a better nickname for Smitty's lil' sis - and we headed to the show. After wandering over to the XO for a cocktail or two the Streaks took the stage and before long all shit broke loose but not in the usual way.

According to my friend JM - who can be seen on pg 74 of the SNR this week looking coquettishly barefoot - a group of cops who were having dinner at Willies saw the show going on at Javalounge and decided to swing over. Now it may be the case that they just randomly stopped over to bust things up or it could also be that they got a noise complaint and we're the closest fuzz in the area, who can say. After they arrived, th' Streaks were ordered to play one last song and pack up, once that song began they were told that they should actually stop playing entirely and that's when OMF blew a gasket. I'll keep the explosive details to a minimum but I will say that I am still shocked the ol' man didn't get arrested. Long story short he asked them how it is that if Sac has the crime rate/police shortage that's been getting thrown around in the news lately why it takes 4 cops to break up an all ages rock n roll show at a venue that has no real neighbors as opposed to say looking for real crime.

As we filed out post fireworks I asked everyone on the sidewalk to hit it so as not to further exacerbate the problem and once I was sure OMF wasn't going to jail we headed back to the XO for a night cap.

Did I mention that the XO is CLASSY!? Saturday night was like a homeless dude hangout party complete with singing and dirty dancing. Sexy.

Then the evening got even weirder.

Walking home I saw this little furry gray poof in the middle of Broadway just hanging out. As we passed, these two dudes on a bus bench informed me that it was the sweetest little cat they'd ever seen. CAT? Cars coming? AH!

I went out and grabbed it and carried it home and it cuddled and purred the whole way. This was indeed an awesome cat. I got it home and stuck it in my camper for the evening and all night had weird dreams that it was unhappy and trying to get away or crying.

This cat was seriously so cool. It came when you called it, was super cuddly, and totally chill. I spent most of the evening trying to figure out how I could keep it without Buddy being a total tool. Alas and alak...

When I got up the next day and went out to look for it, it appeared to be gone. After some searching I found that it had made a little nest out of old MM's and was cuddled up sleeping. So cute!!! I asked my downstairs neighbor if I could borrow her pet carrier to contain it before the humane society came to get it and instead her BF decided to adopt it! The whole thing worked out so well I couldn't have planned it any better.

Later in the day Sunday I reflected on how some nights are just kinda strange.


HK said...

Woah dude. That's crazy. Damn cops. I hope this isn't a regular thing of shows getting broken up at Java Lounge. I helped book a show there next month!!

What time was it when the cops busted it up?

Liv Moe said...