Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Picnics! Picnics!

You can just call me Liv "i heart to picnic" Moe.

Sunday was spent in the Amador wine country celebrating my sisters birthday with many, many tastings and a delightful picnic. I love the Amador wine country, so pretty, so delicious.

In the end we went to Vino Noceto, Story, Toscano, Karly, and Youngs. Of the group my favorite this time as it often is, was Noceto. The wine there is great and everyone is always super friendly, plus they have one of the original Dog heads from the Doggie Diner. Story is a beautiful place to picnic and Toscano is a little cheesy and weird in a would you like a framed James Dean print and a real leather wallet to go with that Zin(?) way. The wine at Karly was tasty but the vibe in there was really weird this time around. I'm not sure why but the woman who helped us was super grouchy so we split pretty quickly. We wrapped things up at Youngs where I bought a bottle of Zin to accompany the Rosato I picked up at Noceto. There was a little napping at Youngs too.

The beautiful picnic view.

Chenin Blanc at Story.


Youngs nap.

Yesterday my picnic streak continued when TH and I visited the Traveling Chef and picked up some sandwiches at his "Sandwich Shop." Because I went lap swimming right before hand I got and ate them both and they were bomb! One was a vietnamese inspired spicy tofu concoction and the other was Euro inspired with roasted eggplant and fresh marinara. Both were enjoyed in lovely Curtis Park.

Picnic! Picnic!

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