Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This Saturday will be the first 2nd Sat I will miss in I really don't know how long, a year or more probably. Pretty crazy, I know(!) considering the fact that before I started working for the magazine I hadn't been in years and had almost given up going entirely. I know I've said it before but I will say it again, and again, and again that what I have discovered in the past year and a half has been quite encouraging. Which is why I'm bummed I won't be around to see it all and will leave you with these suggestions. I apologize for the lack of hyper links/images, etc. You'll just have to rely on my best friend google to do the work for ya...

Ianna Frisby and Ilana Crispi will be having a two person show called Doppleganger which looks quite interesting. Ianna is part of the two woman team that runs the Tangent gallery with her ingenuity, sweat, and grit. Both Frisby and Crispi work in the medium of clay although I can't entirely gaurantee what this show will hold in store. Either way TANGENT is always worth a stop.

Tom Brockman is showing at Axis this month. The work looked very interesting in the press release. For some examples of what he's all about go to

I'm referring to the new art space not the pizza/bad-house-music joint of course. Salvatore Victor will be showing a collection of his drawings.

Natalie Rishe and Tamara Scronce will be staging a two person collaborative installation which looks fabulous. Rishe did a really great installation in Reno last year which was well written about in the Reno RNR. Scronce is a professor from Reno who Rishe has known for years. This should prove to be a creative and innovative project. They'll be having a 2nd reception on the weekend following 2nd Sat which I definitely plan on hitting!

The Center's art discussion group is really quite good and not really nerdy at all - although I'm no one to talk:) This week they'll be examining art heavy weight Clement Greenberg. Oh, how I wish I could be there. Greenberg is only really fun when you analyze the far reaching and sometimes absurd affects he had on modern and contemporary art. I'll be back for the chat the following week though for sure.

In the internecine world that is Sacto, MM photog Carla Roe will be having a show at Atelier and MM ad sales guy/filmmaker extroadinaire Alden Olmsted - who is soon to be leaving us to move to LA:( - will be at Cuffs.

If art aint your thing the drive-in movie at the Towe Auto Museum is really great. It's FREE(!) and unlike 2nd Saturday beer is available. This weekend should provide the perfect weather for a cool delta breeze and some great outdoor entertainment.

So there ya be.


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very cool about the drive in movie...and bonus for it being Rebel Without a Cause!

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I have been meaning to tell you about this:


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