Monday, June 30, 2008

The Ladies

Okay so this is a crazy rash of posts this morning. I been hoardin' 'em. Has anyone out there been to The Chamber Room? Friday night was MC's birthday so he, me my sis, and her hubbie walked down there and had a cocktail. That place is crazy!

Birthday air guitar.

Gratuitous picnic shot from the concert in the park on the way to cocktails. The basket is a super nice touch.

The interior of The Chamber Room looks like it hasn't been touched since the day it was built with a wall treatment similar to Zelda's. Behind the bar is a Karate Kid poster with a signed photo of Pat Morita taped to it.. awesome! But the real show stopper at The Chamber Room are the bathrooms.

I was informed right after we arrived that I had to go check 'em out and I thought oh yeah, dive bar bathrooms are always kinda weird and gross. The deal with the Chamber's bathrooms though is that they're not gross, they're just f%$&'n weird. Seriously, weird. It's almost as if someone yanked a few rooms out of a John Water's film set and replaced whatever bland dive-bar bathroom was there before.

There's a ton of frogs.

And HOT PINK. It was almost as if they color coordinated the bathroom to match the condom machine.

One of my personal favs is the perfume samples ripped outta magazines that are used as room deodorizer. Classy!

I seriously could have hung out in there all day but alas, there were free Amaretto birthday shots to drink - bartender's choice not ours - and dinner at Azul to get to. For the record I thought Azul was just okay, pretty white, although the $2 chorizo tacos were good as was the salsa bar.

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Anonymous said...

Really? Suzie usually goes for the free Root Beer Schnapps shots. Maybe she was out.