Friday, June 20, 2008


I first met my BFF when we were both 12 years old on the first day of junior high. She was wearing a plush velvet dress with a giant white bow in the back and patent leather shoes and I was wearing a Mr. Magoo t-shirt with an acid washed jean skirt, white keds with those white socks that roll down to form donuts around your ankles, and glasses so thick my eyes were the size of olive pits. Given that this was the late eighties I think it goes without saying that we looked hella cool.

(I hope you're catching the serious Kid 'N Play action behind us)
The two of us had all of the same classes together on that first day and by the end of the afternoon I had begun to notice the formally attired little girl sitting across the room sweating like nobody's business. Our last class of the day was P.E., and it was about a million degrees in that gym. Like most of my little friends I was crazy nervous about entering junior high having just transplanted from the midwest about a year prior. To say I was a stranger in a strange land put it mildly. In order to prepare me for my first day of the hell that is junior high my ma sent me to school with a trapper keeper, a pencil case containing pencils and a dollar's worth of emergency money broken down into quarters, dimes, and nickels, and two purse packs of kleenex. As I sat next to my soon to be buddy listening to our heavy set gym teacher croak about what the year would entail I silently fished out a pack of kleenex and passed it over. JC looked at me as though I had offered her a drink of water in the desert, she was seriously stoked and long story short we've been buddies ever since.

Last week the Ol' Man and I drove up to Seattle for JC's graduation from U-dub with a masters in speech pathology and it was so great. Because we bought a camera in Oregon on the way up - shh, don't tell anyone - I will tell the rest of my story in pictures.

Via Tribunale in Seattle was my favorite meal of the whole trip. It was so good and made me so lonely for Italy.

The wall in the bathroom of Cafe Allegro near the campus was pretty neat.

After a celebration breakfast at Tilth with the best biscuits and gravy ever we went to Gas Works.

P was there.

And K.

Bull Brew was drank and M.I.A. was bumped which I have had stuck in my ever since I got home.

There was dancing.

And more dancing.

On the way home we stopped in Bend to visit OMF's niece and nephew and to pick some butterfly chairs that we bought off ebay up there about a year ago. Bend is an awesome little town, chock full of breweries and beautiful scenery. This image is from a hike we took just outside of town. By this point in the trip I was little out of it so my memory is a bit foggy. Let's just say I drank a lot of beer.

On this trip I decided that Hitchens was wrong... about picnics. The Ol' Man and I picnicked the whole way up to Seattle and the whole way home. This image is from a picnic we took in the sea of grass just outside Weed.

Finally. Hey-oh!

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beckler said...

yeah, i've had occasion to have a picnic or two myself after i quoted him. not bad.