Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fete de la Musique

Did anyone out there catch some Fete de la Musique action this past Sat? Me and Skpr rode around looking and found a few things but not many. Perhaps as word spreads next year will be bigger. I think maybe folks were uncertain of the whole free form aspect of it meaning that you could literally just walk out your front door and play without anyone organizing an actual show.

Here's a few pics of what I saw. They're pretty much all from CCOMM's house. There was music at R5 and Javalounge too but I didn't get any pics of music at either place because I was there too early.

Joey D was at the R5 record swap hawking his wares.

FDLM-ing featuring Keith Cary.

Adorable kitten.

FDLM-age spotted at 25th and P.

Sat was a day of many awesome dogs as well. I think Skpr might possibly disagree with me, however, seeing as how our afternoon visit with Lola left him with mashed manhood.

Carp at the OMM pad.

Lola post mash.

After we rode around all day hitting Pride, the Fete and the record swap a bunch of us ended up at a friends birthday party. Croquette was played and I enjoyed a white wine spritzer! I don't know that I'd ever had one before but the combination of white wine and Gerolsteiner with ice and strawberries was a refreshing treat after a hot/perfect day of bike riding. G balls thinks it was a desperate cry for help.

The party also featured the world's best cheese plate and this amazing homemade birthday pie.

In general Sat was the perfect Sac summer day. Sure it started out horribly hot but we got used to it with the assistance of some Pho Bac, a lot of water and a few beers.

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Anonymous said...

I love you, birthday pie!

Now I wish I would've had a 3rd piece.