Thursday, June 5, 2008

Do you want to be stabbed by my pen?

I've been doing some research this evening for a job I am in the process of applying for and came across the Davis Wiki page for Lucy Puls. On it there was a link to a list of her most quotable quotes. Several of these made me laugh out loud. The one at the top is one I remember from my time with her although really there are a gang of great Lucy quotes bumpin' around in my head and my studio log.


"I'm gonna call you pig's blood from now on."
"I'm not saying that those of you who work in class are elves..."
"You've got to risk ruining your pieces rather than leaving them just 'OK'. I ruin pieces."
"You're not in the business of making products. You're in the business of making things that really make a difference."
(on over-ornamentation in London) "You go in the bathroom and you can't find the toilet because there are so many can't find yourself!"
"That's what life is...a series of compromises."
"It's not like you walk into a gallery and the first thing you do is throw yourself on the floor."
"Maybe I'm just the queen of absurdity!"
"We have the resident heroin addict..."
"You're ignoring me now?! I'm putting you on the beat-up list."
"When you think about archival-ness, that slows you down."
"I'm encouraged but you're too polite."
"Would you like a mustache or sideburns with that?"
"That'll be the end of your career...when you keel over...hopefully not into the cactus outside your studio."
"I don't want you to be making my own work...I want you to struggle with the materials..."
"Being disaffected is not a good way of being an artist."
"You can hate me, but I want you to be a good artist."
"Why do this if you're not gonna be a star?"
"Do you want to be stabbed by my pen?"
"Art has to hit your brain, but it has to hit your body too."
"When you're elderly, you make fun of things to compensate."
"Prior to the internet, you'd occasionally hear about the farmer in his barn making a giant ball of string."
"Don't start miming...I hate mimes...I'll stab you."
"I gave my son Hotwheels every time he had to poop...and he has the biggest collection. I tell you, you can't even lift it."

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