Monday, June 30, 2008

The Ladies

Okay so this is a crazy rash of posts this morning. I been hoardin' 'em. Has anyone out there been to The Chamber Room? Friday night was MC's birthday so he, me my sis, and her hubbie walked down there and had a cocktail. That place is crazy!

Birthday air guitar.

Gratuitous picnic shot from the concert in the park on the way to cocktails. The basket is a super nice touch.

The interior of The Chamber Room looks like it hasn't been touched since the day it was built with a wall treatment similar to Zelda's. Behind the bar is a Karate Kid poster with a signed photo of Pat Morita taped to it.. awesome! But the real show stopper at The Chamber Room are the bathrooms.

I was informed right after we arrived that I had to go check 'em out and I thought oh yeah, dive bar bathrooms are always kinda weird and gross. The deal with the Chamber's bathrooms though is that they're not gross, they're just f%$&'n weird. Seriously, weird. It's almost as if someone yanked a few rooms out of a John Water's film set and replaced whatever bland dive-bar bathroom was there before.

There's a ton of frogs.

And HOT PINK. It was almost as if they color coordinated the bathroom to match the condom machine.

One of my personal favs is the perfume samples ripped outta magazines that are used as room deodorizer. Classy!

I seriously could have hung out in there all day but alas, there were free Amaretto birthday shots to drink - bartender's choice not ours - and dinner at Azul to get to. For the record I thought Azul was just okay, pretty white, although the $2 chorizo tacos were good as was the salsa bar.


Saturday morning OMF and I cleaned out the basement and it was awesome! No seriously it was despite finding termite damage and having to move a bunch of our dank smelling shit around. Why was it so awesome you might ask?????

It all started when we decided to rip out some water damage and discovered that the wall was lined in recycled packing crates for corsets and auto parts. We saved some of the best pieces. It reminded me of a ghosttowning trip I took with a different old man some years ago and we discovered a house that was way out in the middle of nothing completely insulated with old Schwinn boxes. I should look around for the photo I got of that 'cause it was pretty neat.

Once the wall was taken out it was time for the ceiling. As OMF was approaching this next step we noticed that when you'd bump the ceiling it sounded like there was a beer can rattling around up there.

Low and behold... it was not a beer can it was several beer cans. I'm guessing about a 100 or so. On one of the first whacks at the drywall, cans started to just rain out of the rafters which was pretty funny.

At the end of all those cans we unearthed this:

Ahhh, Mint Springs. A more refreshing whiskey can't be found. In addition to this OMF also found a dog collar with a tag on it from 1945. Sweet!

Now about those beer cans. I'm sure there's some collectors out there right now reading this thinking "how can I get my hands on some of those sweet cans?" Here's the deal, I will happily trade six vintage empties for a sixer of contemporary full cans.* It's a screamin' deal I know so act fast!!! Fast!!!!!!!

*Natural Lite, the beast, Maxx, Keystone, and any "ice" beers excluded.

Super Fan!

The Dutchess and the Duke were super good last week especially given that we thought we weren't gonna get in until about an hour and a half before the show started! I hope, hope, hope they make Sac a pit stop on their next go round.

Crazy apocalyptic sky on the way to the bay.




Saturday the Ol' Man and I went to see Ricky Berger and now I like so many others in the this town am hooked. Up until this past weekend I had only heard her CD but hadn't seen her live. While I liked the CD I thought, this is really good but it's not a genre I'm all that into. Her show totally swayed me. The songs performed live have an entirely different flavor and don't have that throwback quality that old timey jazz can often have. I was particularly touched when she started crying a little when she got a standing ovation. So charming! Her songs were great, the venue was lovely, and the ice cream sunday that concluded the evening was bomb! Best G rated Saturday night ever!

Here's a picture of her standing "O." I didn't really take all that many pics as every one and their brother were fighting for choice shooting spots. Crazy fans!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Perp watch

I'm way behind today as result of coming home at 2am from the Duchess and the Duke show last night which was rad! While I'm playing catch up here's a heads up to all you midtown business owners and residents out there:

Hi, This is Scott with Zanzibar at corner of 18th and L in Midtown. Tonight at 7:20-7:25 pm (Wed June 25th, 2008), Beyond Gotham (a retail store on 18th Street between Capitol and L Sts) was robbed by an African American Man mid-late 30's to 40's approx. 5'10". He was wearing white sneakers, jeans and a yellow shirt. He was carrying a red or maroon jacket over a bag.

Perp assaulted an employee and threatened with a knife (see photos). Robber is known to frequent area over last week plus and has been asking to do "odd jobs for money so I can eat". Police have been notified. If you have seen this man, know this man or have anything to add, contact the Sacramento Police Department and refer 08-205398 at 264-5471.

If this gentleman enters your store, consider calling 911 immediately. Hes ARMED and DANGEROUS. The employee in question was not harmed.

This email was created by Scott Farrell of Zanzibar for Beyond Gotham.

So these photos aren't the most helpful but perhaps some of you will recognize dude based on his outfit. Creepy!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Police State

Last night I went to Olipom's final send off and scored a gang of sunglasses. It's a drag that it won't be around anymore but it's cool that O's gonna finally get some days off.

Skinner was there looking tight!

Stick Rocklin!

When we were leaving the fuzz arrived and hassled some skaters that were sitting in front of the store which was pretty cheesy. First they said that they received a complaint about some individuals yelling at passers by from the sidewalk then they said that they were in the area investigating hate crime activity. Either way the kids in front of the store were being extremely cooperative and mellow. It's also curious to me why it takes three cars and six officers to check out a heckling charge.

I can't specifically vouch for what was or wasn't happening at all times that evening since I was inside until I left but on my approach I didn't notice anything particularly rowdy going on nor did I hear anything from inside the store. Once the fuzz arrived you'd think they were called on some serious dispute given the amount of man power present.

It's shit like this that seriously makes me think that there should be some sort of advocacy group that stands up for venues and any other places hosting all ages events in this town. Really, when the police decide to come down on a place many businesses are left with few avenues. Not that I don't have enough irons in my fire but still... something to think about.


Animal tales.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the d and the d and the d and the d and the d and the d

OMF and I are gonna go see the Dutchess and the Duke in San Francisco tomorrow. Stoked!

Picnics! Picnics!

You can just call me Liv "i heart to picnic" Moe.

Sunday was spent in the Amador wine country celebrating my sisters birthday with many, many tastings and a delightful picnic. I love the Amador wine country, so pretty, so delicious.

In the end we went to Vino Noceto, Story, Toscano, Karly, and Youngs. Of the group my favorite this time as it often is, was Noceto. The wine there is great and everyone is always super friendly, plus they have one of the original Dog heads from the Doggie Diner. Story is a beautiful place to picnic and Toscano is a little cheesy and weird in a would you like a framed James Dean print and a real leather wallet to go with that Zin(?) way. The wine at Karly was tasty but the vibe in there was really weird this time around. I'm not sure why but the woman who helped us was super grouchy so we split pretty quickly. We wrapped things up at Youngs where I bought a bottle of Zin to accompany the Rosato I picked up at Noceto. There was a little napping at Youngs too.

The beautiful picnic view.

Chenin Blanc at Story.


Youngs nap.

Yesterday my picnic streak continued when TH and I visited the Traveling Chef and picked up some sandwiches at his "Sandwich Shop." Because I went lap swimming right before hand I got and ate them both and they were bomb! One was a vietnamese inspired spicy tofu concoction and the other was Euro inspired with roasted eggplant and fresh marinara. Both were enjoyed in lovely Curtis Park.

Picnic! Picnic!

Fete de la Musique

Did anyone out there catch some Fete de la Musique action this past Sat? Me and Skpr rode around looking and found a few things but not many. Perhaps as word spreads next year will be bigger. I think maybe folks were uncertain of the whole free form aspect of it meaning that you could literally just walk out your front door and play without anyone organizing an actual show.

Here's a few pics of what I saw. They're pretty much all from CCOMM's house. There was music at R5 and Javalounge too but I didn't get any pics of music at either place because I was there too early.

Joey D was at the R5 record swap hawking his wares.

FDLM-ing featuring Keith Cary.

Adorable kitten.

FDLM-age spotted at 25th and P.

Sat was a day of many awesome dogs as well. I think Skpr might possibly disagree with me, however, seeing as how our afternoon visit with Lola left him with mashed manhood.

Carp at the OMM pad.

Lola post mash.

After we rode around all day hitting Pride, the Fete and the record swap a bunch of us ended up at a friends birthday party. Croquette was played and I enjoyed a white wine spritzer! I don't know that I'd ever had one before but the combination of white wine and Gerolsteiner with ice and strawberries was a refreshing treat after a hot/perfect day of bike riding. G balls thinks it was a desperate cry for help.

The party also featured the world's best cheese plate and this amazing homemade birthday pie.

In general Sat was the perfect Sac summer day. Sure it started out horribly hot but we got used to it with the assistance of some Pho Bac, a lot of water and a few beers.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cast and Bind

I'm sunk under deadline at the moment so enjoy my buddy JF's blog about knitting and such. I've added a link for it which you can find to the right of this here post. I'd link it here but I'm using stupid safari. Real posts soon to come..


OMF and I went and checked this out last night.

It's really great and it's only on through Wed night. Catch it, catch it. catch it!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008


I first met my BFF when we were both 12 years old on the first day of junior high. She was wearing a plush velvet dress with a giant white bow in the back and patent leather shoes and I was wearing a Mr. Magoo t-shirt with an acid washed jean skirt, white keds with those white socks that roll down to form donuts around your ankles, and glasses so thick my eyes were the size of olive pits. Given that this was the late eighties I think it goes without saying that we looked hella cool.

(I hope you're catching the serious Kid 'N Play action behind us)
The two of us had all of the same classes together on that first day and by the end of the afternoon I had begun to notice the formally attired little girl sitting across the room sweating like nobody's business. Our last class of the day was P.E., and it was about a million degrees in that gym. Like most of my little friends I was crazy nervous about entering junior high having just transplanted from the midwest about a year prior. To say I was a stranger in a strange land put it mildly. In order to prepare me for my first day of the hell that is junior high my ma sent me to school with a trapper keeper, a pencil case containing pencils and a dollar's worth of emergency money broken down into quarters, dimes, and nickels, and two purse packs of kleenex. As I sat next to my soon to be buddy listening to our heavy set gym teacher croak about what the year would entail I silently fished out a pack of kleenex and passed it over. JC looked at me as though I had offered her a drink of water in the desert, she was seriously stoked and long story short we've been buddies ever since.

Last week the Ol' Man and I drove up to Seattle for JC's graduation from U-dub with a masters in speech pathology and it was so great. Because we bought a camera in Oregon on the way up - shh, don't tell anyone - I will tell the rest of my story in pictures.

Via Tribunale in Seattle was my favorite meal of the whole trip. It was so good and made me so lonely for Italy.

The wall in the bathroom of Cafe Allegro near the campus was pretty neat.

After a celebration breakfast at Tilth with the best biscuits and gravy ever we went to Gas Works.

P was there.

And K.

Bull Brew was drank and M.I.A. was bumped which I have had stuck in my ever since I got home.

There was dancing.

And more dancing.

On the way home we stopped in Bend to visit OMF's niece and nephew and to pick some butterfly chairs that we bought off ebay up there about a year ago. Bend is an awesome little town, chock full of breweries and beautiful scenery. This image is from a hike we took just outside of town. By this point in the trip I was little out of it so my memory is a bit foggy. Let's just say I drank a lot of beer.

On this trip I decided that Hitchens was wrong... about picnics. The Ol' Man and I picnicked the whole way up to Seattle and the whole way home. This image is from a picnic we took in the sea of grass just outside Weed.

Finally. Hey-oh!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


So today I conducted an interview, shot a piece and then rushed home and wrote the accompanying piece and edited the photos in a nice tight seven hours. Unbelievable!!!!

They're going fast people!

It's barely past the middle of the month and we're almost out of MM's! Woot woot!!! Crazy.

Hopefully, I can accomplish a real blog post later but I'm still in stupid crazy catch-up mode. Packaging up my work for Flatlanders yesterday was stressful and took a lot longer than expected. Now I have to conduct an interview, and write two articles by tomorrow afternoon. But first I'm gonna get some damn exercise and hit the Southside pool for the first time this season. Very exciting.

In the meantime AFC has some great posts including one about Murakami and Sniff and Quaff has a an excellent guest post on Lambics by Marie to the D.

I'm out!