Monday, May 12, 2008

Truckers and their dogs

We pretty much made the entire line up we had planned last Saturday hitting every gallery I mentioned as well as the movie at the Towe Auto Museum although we barely made it. By the time we showed up Drag Strip Riot was over and they were showing instructional films from the fifties and a Dobie Gillis episode about hot rodding. Did you know that Sheila Kuehl was Zelda? true story

I'm looking forward to finding out what they'll be playing in the coming month's at the Towe. I think it would have been pretty dang fun if we had shown up sooner. There were hotdogs, nachos, and beer. Match that with a warm Sac evening and a film projected outdoors and you got bliss...

After all was said and done we went to the Silver Skillet for dinner which if you've never been is truly worth a trip. They're open all night long, they serve a decent open faced hot turkey sandwich and their burgers ain't bad either. Unfortunately, the advent of the cel phone quashed the phones that used to be at every table which was one of my favorite features of the place. Well that and this:

I think Bear's my favorite. He looks like he knows something.

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