Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Little One
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I picked up a surprise reception this weekend! This Saturday from 3-10pm Limn's new Greens Hotel in Del Paso will be having their grand opening party offering up drinks, snacks, and dancing. Each room in the hotel will feature the work of a different California artist and yours truly is among the 20 selected. I'm really looking forward to it and not just for the food and booze but also because I'm anxious to see who all else is in there.

I won't be staying there the whole night though as this 2nd Sat has some great shit booked. My one piece of advice this month is to NOT SPEND THE WHOLE TIME AT 20TH AND J!

Still from 100 Attempts to Sit Almost Like Eldridge Cleaver
Richard Haley
BLOCK Downtown is presenting Judy the sequel to the outstanding Mark show that happened there this past month. Featuring the work of Nelleke Beltjens, Hedwig Brouckaert, Richard Haley, Casey O'Connor, and Lucy Puls this is not to be missed!

Almost Home-Less @ N Thornton Rd & Highway 12
Richard Gilles
The Highway Remembers is as the Axis Gallery. Richard Gilles is an exceptional photog and some of you may remember the Q & A I did with him about a year ago. The above photo is from his earlier body of work.

Matthias Geiger
While you're at Axis pop into to the Center to check out the work of Boyd Gavin and Matthias Geiger, an interesting pairing if I do say so.

Crest Theatre Marquee
Sacramento (ed. 15)
Roger Vail
Jay Jay has more photography on offer with the work of Roger Vail coupled with the paintings of Robin Hill.

After dark the Towe Auto Museum will be showing Drag Strip Riot outside on a big screen for free. All in all this is an ambitious line up that I may not make, although ending 2nd Sat at the drive-in sounds pretty awesome.

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