Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The lame

Today was a big fat fuckin' stinker of a day. Some days are like that I suppose and this was certainly one. It felt like just about every answer I was waiting for to a variety of questions came back negative. Whatever. Can't win 'em all I suppose...

One thing that did go absolutely right involved a photo project that I am undertaking for a show I'm in this September. Skipper agreed to be my willing participant, good sport that he is. Here are a few out takes from the afternoon which I found particularly charming.

The woman at the dollar store informed me that the little hat he's wearing is actually a parking cone. duh...

Here's Skipper after defecting from the Insane Clown Posse

Hey... Hey kid. Hey, c'mere.

Priceless. Also, on the list of things that went right today was a yummy dinner at Chada Thai with TH and skpr which I don't have the mental capacity to write about so I'll just say it was tasty and leave it at that.

Anyhoo, show must go on... yeah:(


Anonymous said...

Oh dear lord.

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