Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm that lady

I realized today that every copy place has a kook. That special someone who comes in all the time with stacks of "important" paper work - photocopies of chakras and various mystical symbols, hand written notes on lined binder paper, various fliers from an amalgam of events that don't add up to anything cohesive - you know, kook stuff. Even though I have encountered these folks numerous times it wasn't until today when I went to the copy shop and spotted a copy kook that I identified the existence of this type of person in the world.

Today's kook was a female of I'm guessing Japanese descent, pushing 50, wearing a black and neon green early 90's vintage sweat suit, with a ball cap worn sort of askew mashed atop a shock of bleached orange hair, and white tennis shoes with the laces tied super tight. She was sitting at the one desk in the copy place with about 9 stacks of "documents" in front of her. She was hard at work and very agitated.

Said midtown copy shop employs a bizarro version of Richard Haley who is usually the one who helps me when I go in. Today's scenario went something like this:

BRH: More resumes huh? Same paper?

Me: Yeah.

Today's kook rushes up to the counter looking irritated.

TK: Are you gonna come over? I need you to come over????

BRH doesn't move, and returns TK's angry look with a blank expression.

TK: Now?

TK paces a little, looks annoyed goes back to shuffling papers. I glance up at BRH and quietly chuckle. He returns my look with something akin to the opposite of amusement and then looks at his boss and rolls his eyes before returning to copy my resume.

While I wait for my job TK shuffles and reshuffles waiting for BRH to come over which he never does. I pay for my copies and go.

Later in the day I head over to Thrift Town in search of materials for my work. When I walk in the door the manager who I am now quite familiar with looks up and gives me a friendly look. I smile back and as I continue to enter the store I see him give a knowing look to a coworker who returns the glance and then both roll their eyes. For a split second I think "hmmm, that's funny" and then proceed to this afternoon's scores. After about 20min I end up with a soiled wig, a plaster figurine of a gold cat with blue eyes holding a ball of yarn, and this:

That's right, it's a rubber half dog that barks and farts when you walk by.

Although I never demand anything from the good people at TT the way TK does or atleast I don't think I do, I left the store feeling a combination of dismay and amusement as I realized that at Thrift Town I'm that lady...


beckler said...

is that monstrosity batter operated?

beckler said...

oops, battery operated. it would be even weirder if it was batter operated

Liv Moe said...

it is indeed:) i was so stoked when i got outta the store and discovered that it worked!