Friday, May 9, 2008


do. do. doooo. do..... do , do.

MY THESIS GOT APPROVED YESTERDAY!!!! Yeah, yeah yeah!!!! To celebrate we went and saw Ironman last night and it was pretty great. An outstanding diversion in everyway! Before the flick we ate at Capital Dawg which was okay. It's no Wienery I tell ya but it's pretty good. It'll be great if they actually stay open as late as they say they will but in recent weeks every other time I have attempted to eat there after 9pm they've been closed.

I really have no other news to report. I never wrote about Fatimah's visit which makes me feel like a churl:( Ah well.

In conclusion scroll down to my report on 2nd Sat and be sure to hit BLOCK Downtown!!! Richard Haley's in the show for godsakes!


Skipper said...


ezpoppy said...

Congrats on the thesis approval, Liv! Now all you have to get is the approval of the Library folks who can be pretty picky...


Liv Moe said...


ezpoppy said...

Ah, don't worry... I'm sure it will be fine. I ended up having to re-do my title page just a couple months ago, nearly one year after I submitted. But, hey, my degree had already posted, so no big deal.

Smile - you made it!