Thursday, May 1, 2008

The human fireball that is Fatimah Tuggar!

Fatimah Tuggar spoke at Sac State last night and she is fabulous! I will write more about her visit soon but in the meantime I want to let everyone know that she will be speaking again this Friday in the University Union as part of the Peace and Justice Conference from 1-3pm.

To check out a little of what Fatimah does go here and make sure to wait for it to load.

For a little extra afternoon entertainment here's a clip from the Paul H-O documentary "Guest of Cindy Sherman" which was a recurring topic of discussion yesterday during Fatimah's visit. The guy seems like such a drip. I still need to see the film before lodging any definitive criticism against him but from the clips I've seen and reading I've done he seems like an opportunist whiner.
My girlfriend's famous waaaaaaaaahhhhh!


five said...

You totally have to see the film! It's way more entertaining than you are giving it credit for. I saw it on Tuesday night and loved it!

Anonymous said...

cool, Liv.

Rob Conger said...

Hi... do you happen to have contact with Fatimah Tuggar? I have a few photos of her sister from a few decades ago that I would like to return to her.

Liv Moe said...

hi rob! sorry, i didn't notice that you posted until just now. if you send me your email address i will forward it to fatimah. you can reach me at