Monday, May 19, 2008

Caught up in the fray

So yeah, amongst all the of the other mayhem and busy-ness that's ensued over the past few weeks a little fluff up erupted over at Hornet Tech involving the continuing encroachment upon the studio art building by the university. A little over two weeks ago I arrived on campus to discover a crew fencing off the parking lot in front of the art sculpture lab which came as a shock to everyone in the dept. including faculty. With a little research it was discovered that there was a plan to surround the building with a BUS DEPOT. Yes, that's right a f$%#ing bus parking lot. Such a plan would make it impossible to load large works in and out of the building and would also make access to the building late at night a little dicey. Actually, it would make access to the building period fairly difficult.

When the word broke, Sarah Flohr a professor and dept senator made a wonderful and impassioned speech to the faculty senate outlining not only the issue with the proposed parking lot but the general neglect the building has suffered over the years. Don't get me wrong I love the dilapedated metal building that has been my home away from home for the past 2 years, however, that's not to say that it is without it's flaws. Unfortunately, I am misquoted in this piece which I am not bringing up to wag a finger but to instead use as an opportunity to draw attention to something that I heard at that faculty senate meeting which I found discouraging. It was not a faculty senate member who didn't know what was housed in the big pink metal building on the edge of a campus, as that would be forgivable, I don't think one could expect that all faculty would be familiar with all buildings on campus. No it was a campus ADMINISTRATOR, a person who possesses the decision making power to deeply affect the fate of a variety of CSUS programs, who didn't know what our building housed.

The good news is that the bus depot plans have been yanked although the temporary buildings that were recently erected will remain. I find this whole affair very disappointing. I don't think one has to look too far into the surrounding community to feel the contributions that Sac State's art dept has made to Sacramento. The fact that to date the University has chosen to put such a limited investment into this program is truly unfortunate.

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