Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm that lady

I realized today that every copy place has a kook. That special someone who comes in all the time with stacks of "important" paper work - photocopies of chakras and various mystical symbols, hand written notes on lined binder paper, various fliers from an amalgam of events that don't add up to anything cohesive - you know, kook stuff. Even though I have encountered these folks numerous times it wasn't until today when I went to the copy shop and spotted a copy kook that I identified the existence of this type of person in the world.

Today's kook was a female of I'm guessing Japanese descent, pushing 50, wearing a black and neon green early 90's vintage sweat suit, with a ball cap worn sort of askew mashed atop a shock of bleached orange hair, and white tennis shoes with the laces tied super tight. She was sitting at the one desk in the copy place with about 9 stacks of "documents" in front of her. She was hard at work and very agitated.

Said midtown copy shop employs a bizarro version of Richard Haley who is usually the one who helps me when I go in. Today's scenario went something like this:

BRH: More resumes huh? Same paper?

Me: Yeah.

Today's kook rushes up to the counter looking irritated.

TK: Are you gonna come over? I need you to come over????

BRH doesn't move, and returns TK's angry look with a blank expression.

TK: Now?

TK paces a little, looks annoyed goes back to shuffling papers. I glance up at BRH and quietly chuckle. He returns my look with something akin to the opposite of amusement and then looks at his boss and rolls his eyes before returning to copy my resume.

While I wait for my job TK shuffles and reshuffles waiting for BRH to come over which he never does. I pay for my copies and go.

Later in the day I head over to Thrift Town in search of materials for my work. When I walk in the door the manager who I am now quite familiar with looks up and gives me a friendly look. I smile back and as I continue to enter the store I see him give a knowing look to a coworker who returns the glance and then both roll their eyes. For a split second I think "hmmm, that's funny" and then proceed to this afternoon's scores. After about 20min I end up with a soiled wig, a plaster figurine of a gold cat with blue eyes holding a ball of yarn, and this:

That's right, it's a rubber half dog that barks and farts when you walk by.

Although I never demand anything from the good people at TT the way TK does or atleast I don't think I do, I left the store feeling a combination of dismay and amusement as I realized that at Thrift Town I'm that lady...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MM @ Thai Thai

I've been going through my email account cleaning out old press releases and spam and found this awesome pic that "Leroy" sent me about a month ago. I like how the article matches the wall.

The lame

Today was a big fat fuckin' stinker of a day. Some days are like that I suppose and this was certainly one. It felt like just about every answer I was waiting for to a variety of questions came back negative. Whatever. Can't win 'em all I suppose...

One thing that did go absolutely right involved a photo project that I am undertaking for a show I'm in this September. Skipper agreed to be my willing participant, good sport that he is. Here are a few out takes from the afternoon which I found particularly charming.

The woman at the dollar store informed me that the little hat he's wearing is actually a parking cone. duh...

Here's Skipper after defecting from the Insane Clown Posse

Hey... Hey kid. Hey, c'mere.

Priceless. Also, on the list of things that went right today was a yummy dinner at Chada Thai with TH and skpr which I don't have the mental capacity to write about so I'll just say it was tasty and leave it at that.

Anyhoo, show must go on... yeah:(

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dramatic rescue

When I was at dinner with my folks this evening they mentioned that someone who was somehow affiliated with the Fox and Goose was rescued off the coast of Australia over the weekend. Much to my surprise it was my old boss Ally Dalton! Apparently she's doin' fine and she and her friend have already sold their story for some serious moola.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Of trampolines, critters, and all manner of thing

So now it is officially, absolutely, incontrovertibly, done. I am a master and I am moving on!

Friday afternoon at 3pm me and my two Sac State grad homies along with a few undergrads who I have come to know in the past two years took the walk of shame. Unlike my undergrad pals though I got hooded which was funny and weird, especially since I got the lucky privilege of going first.

Here's Manuel and I pre-hood.

We went to Tamaya to celebrate afterwards and I am pro. In general I cast a skeptical eye on most sushi joints in midtown these days. There's just so dang many of 'em, with about half copying Mikuni's dishes creating a sort of homogeneous bleh all over town. Now that I've eaten at Tamaya multiple times I can safely say that the fish is super fresh, the rolls are great and overall not sauce city, and their prices are good. Thumbs up!

Following dinner I decided to keep it low key. The Ol' Man and I got dessert by ourselves and headed home. I was super bushed and let the dog out thinking I would soon be in bed and then the drama started.

Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark! What the hell?

The Bud cornered an opossum. Note the "o." After hauling the dog in and taking plenty of pics we researched opossums on the interwebs into the wee hours. Possums and opossums are marsupials that boast 64 varieties in their species with possums living in the eastern hemisphere and opossums living in the west. The live on roadkill, rats, mice, roaches, and slugs and are often called nature's sanitation engineer.

This is what happens when you don't feed 'em right.

Here's one eating strawberries.


Okay, so this post is just gonna go on and on and on.

Saturday, I cleaned my house for the first time in months. It was seriously embarrassing! I'll just leave it at that.

Sunday was the bomb(!) starting with the snore fest that is Jazz Jubilee.

I think the refreshing brew I had on the Delta King was the best part. It was funny because all of the music was happening on the land side of the boat so the river side was empty and beautiful. This of course didn't stop me from yelling something snide at a boat full of frat boys cruising the river topless however. I am what I am.

Seed drop!

Following that there was jumping... and more beer at perhaps one of the most fun filled BBQ's ever. Sadly, it was too cold to go in the pool, otherwise a party with swimming, jumping, yummy snacks, and endless booze might have sent me over the top. As it was it was really goddamn fun!

And finally a trip to my friend Bobby Lucas' graduation party which was great. I snapped a few pics in the BL studio before cutting out. Bobby's wife Natalie is also a kick ass artist. You can check out her work here.

Now I'm draggin' around the house procrastinating on the last of my cleaning, full of shrimp, oysters, and garlic bread from a BBQ at my folks house earlier. I pretty much just ate, drank and slept the whole weekend. AND worked on the magazine of course...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Artball babies

The artball was pretty alright.

The was a lot of art. Behind the radical baby is a ceramic medical model of skin that was pretty cool.

Magritte was there.

Skipper's dome was blown!

My pop made a movie.

There was this guy.

And these.

Which seemed to be a theme this year.

THE ATTACKER! Was a personal favorite.

Steve Miller was passing out tinfoil mouse hugs.

And of course there was my husband... the lovable turd.

Monday, May 19, 2008

This just in!

Sacto's own Rob Cockerham got a shout out on Boing Boing today in connection to this post about a flying penis interrupting a Russian meeting. I ruv it!

Caught up in the fray

So yeah, amongst all the of the other mayhem and busy-ness that's ensued over the past few weeks a little fluff up erupted over at Hornet Tech involving the continuing encroachment upon the studio art building by the university. A little over two weeks ago I arrived on campus to discover a crew fencing off the parking lot in front of the art sculpture lab which came as a shock to everyone in the dept. including faculty. With a little research it was discovered that there was a plan to surround the building with a BUS DEPOT. Yes, that's right a f$%#ing bus parking lot. Such a plan would make it impossible to load large works in and out of the building and would also make access to the building late at night a little dicey. Actually, it would make access to the building period fairly difficult.

When the word broke, Sarah Flohr a professor and dept senator made a wonderful and impassioned speech to the faculty senate outlining not only the issue with the proposed parking lot but the general neglect the building has suffered over the years. Don't get me wrong I love the dilapedated metal building that has been my home away from home for the past 2 years, however, that's not to say that it is without it's flaws. Unfortunately, I am misquoted in this piece which I am not bringing up to wag a finger but to instead use as an opportunity to draw attention to something that I heard at that faculty senate meeting which I found discouraging. It was not a faculty senate member who didn't know what was housed in the big pink metal building on the edge of a campus, as that would be forgivable, I don't think one could expect that all faculty would be familiar with all buildings on campus. No it was a campus ADMINISTRATOR, a person who possesses the decision making power to deeply affect the fate of a variety of CSUS programs, who didn't know what our building housed.

The good news is that the bus depot plans have been yanked although the temporary buildings that were recently erected will remain. I find this whole affair very disappointing. I don't think one has to look too far into the surrounding community to feel the contributions that Sac State's art dept has made to Sacramento. The fact that to date the University has chosen to put such a limited investment into this program is truly unfortunate.

One Old Man and His Pipe

So after much deliberation I've decided to withhold my images from mom's day '08 in the name of top secret publishing business. In lieu of what I was gonna originally post here are some images from the cactus and succulent show at the Shepard Garden Arts Center:

I looked and looked and never found this supposed "pipe."

Saturday, May 17, 2008

So Sweet

Last night was absolutely wonderful. I couldn't have hoped for a sweeter end to my two years at Hornet Tech. Our grad reception was really nice and afterwards we had a big party out back at the grad studios. Sohyung brought heaps of the tastiest strawberries ever, a band played, and the weather finally settled into the kind of pleasant Sacto night I love.

Best of all when the party first started OMF and I walked out back and were confronted by this:

Yelena and Christina made it and it was so nice it choked me up a little. Perhaps, I'm still a little misty from the other day or maybe it's just my thing to get choked up all the time now. Who can say.

All in all a pleasant end to two years of hard work!

Friday, May 16, 2008

oo! oo! oo! this made me pissed!

Okay, so I wasn't gonna post again before I left but then I was listening to NPR and I heard them interview Maggie Gallagher, the defense of marriage advocate and I got so ticked I couldn't stand it. I've been following the gay marriage thing for a while now and I was totally stoked by yesterday's ruling. I am one of those folks who totally believes that it is a civil rights/human rights issue.

I'm not saying that folks can't disagree with me. They can and do all the time. My real beef is when you read some of the crap espoused by folks like MG and realize what a complete lack of critical thinking skills her argument possesses. Or perhaps it's more to say what an narrow argument she puts forth. This morning when she was being interviewed one of her primary complaints was that the ruling made individuals like herself look bigoted because the case is being portrayed as a human rights issue. Big news Maggie depriving basic rights to group who is biologically or socially different than yourself is indeed prejudiced.

If for some reason you would like your blood to simmer the way mine did this morning you can check our Gallagher's rhetoric here. Being an ex sociology major I would be seriously curious where she gets her numbers from.

Should'na but did'na

So I meant to post this week about the awesome Delta mom's day I had with my ma but then the week got away from me. I guess it will have to come next week.

Now I'm off to prepare for the ARTBALL! Woot. woot. I can't make any claims as to the quality of the artball as this will be my first one but I figure it should be worth checking out. Afterwards there will be a grad party in the Art Sculpture Lab which I feel pretty confident about. After many years now of going to art school parties I can vouch for their radness.

Okey, doke. I'm out!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Artball this Friday!

Sac State's Artball is this Friday!!! I totally failed to get my cards out:( I hear that there will be a plug in a local publication that comes out tomorrow about the event. If you wanna go, email me and I will give you a parking permit:
Free food! Fun stuff!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Father of the Combine

Robert Rauschenberg 1925-2008
This article in the New York Times this morning brought tears to my eyes. Artists like myself owe a huge debt to Rauschenberg. Despite the fact that his Combines, the work he was probably the most famous for came out 50 years ago now, folks still have a difficult time accepting mixed media or found object work as relevant, important, or even art. Granted I should qualify that by saying I live in Sacramento, a town that is still titillated by Ab Ex as though it just sprung fresh from the canvas last year.

Anyhoo, I found this passage particularly inspiring although the whole article is great really:

Cage meant that people had come to see, through Mr. Rauschenberg’s efforts, not just that anything, including junk on the street, could be the stuff of art (this wasn’t itself new), but that it could be the stuff of an art aspiring to be beautiful — that there was a potential poetics even in consumer glut, which Mr. Rauschenberg celebrated. “I really feel sorry for people who think things like soap dishes or mirrors or Coke bottles are ugly,” he once said, “because they’re surrounded by things like that all day long, and it must make them miserable.”

So now I encourage you in honor of the Father of the Combine... take extra care to appreciate your surroundings today and pay extra close attention to that soap dish. The world around us is more beautiful than one might think.

Monday, May 12, 2008

0% female

This AFC post didn't surprise although it did bum me out a little. It also leaves me to wonder... showing Hirst, Kelley, Koons, Prince, and Kiefer all at once seems a little wad blow-e. Who will it be next month Currin, Murakami, and Sachs?

Truckers and their dogs

We pretty much made the entire line up we had planned last Saturday hitting every gallery I mentioned as well as the movie at the Towe Auto Museum although we barely made it. By the time we showed up Drag Strip Riot was over and they were showing instructional films from the fifties and a Dobie Gillis episode about hot rodding. Did you know that Sheila Kuehl was Zelda? true story

I'm looking forward to finding out what they'll be playing in the coming month's at the Towe. I think it would have been pretty dang fun if we had shown up sooner. There were hotdogs, nachos, and beer. Match that with a warm Sac evening and a film projected outdoors and you got bliss...

After all was said and done we went to the Silver Skillet for dinner which if you've never been is truly worth a trip. They're open all night long, they serve a decent open faced hot turkey sandwich and their burgers ain't bad either. Unfortunately, the advent of the cel phone quashed the phones that used to be at every table which was one of my favorite features of the place. Well that and this:

I think Bear's my favorite. He looks like he knows something.

Friday, May 9, 2008


do. do. doooo. do..... do , do.

MY THESIS GOT APPROVED YESTERDAY!!!! Yeah, yeah yeah!!!! To celebrate we went and saw Ironman last night and it was pretty great. An outstanding diversion in everyway! Before the flick we ate at Capital Dawg which was okay. It's no Wienery I tell ya but it's pretty good. It'll be great if they actually stay open as late as they say they will but in recent weeks every other time I have attempted to eat there after 9pm they've been closed.

I really have no other news to report. I never wrote about Fatimah's visit which makes me feel like a churl:( Ah well.

In conclusion scroll down to my report on 2nd Sat and be sure to hit BLOCK Downtown!!! Richard Haley's in the show for godsakes!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It never ends

So at this point saying that I'm frantically busy is a pretty silly thing to point out. Sadly, it's become a standard condition for me these days. So much so that I left my credit card in the photo copier at Kinko's today on my way to get my thesis reviewed. Fortunately, I didn't realize it was gone until after I left my meeting or otherwise I would have sat there freakin' out the whole time. As it was I had Crazy Train stuck in my head for unknown reasons. When I became aware of it I sorta smirked.

This week has been an interesting challenge as well because as all this shit is coming at me I still have to carve out time to make work which I am doing to the best of my abilities. This evening Skipper and I went and shot more images for a photo essay I'm working on. It may end up being the core of my work for my solo show in October but we'll see... that's a long way away.

Photo Spencer Tunick

Anyhoo, I'm gonna go let the puddle that is my brain dry out in what I hope will be a full satisfying nights sleep. In the meantime this Salon article about Guest of Cindy Sherman is pretty interesting. I have to admit I do want to see it and I will see it and then I will I am sure form an opinion. Until then....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Little One
Digital Print
I picked up a surprise reception this weekend! This Saturday from 3-10pm Limn's new Greens Hotel in Del Paso will be having their grand opening party offering up drinks, snacks, and dancing. Each room in the hotel will feature the work of a different California artist and yours truly is among the 20 selected. I'm really looking forward to it and not just for the food and booze but also because I'm anxious to see who all else is in there.

I won't be staying there the whole night though as this 2nd Sat has some great shit booked. My one piece of advice this month is to NOT SPEND THE WHOLE TIME AT 20TH AND J!

Still from 100 Attempts to Sit Almost Like Eldridge Cleaver
Richard Haley
BLOCK Downtown is presenting Judy the sequel to the outstanding Mark show that happened there this past month. Featuring the work of Nelleke Beltjens, Hedwig Brouckaert, Richard Haley, Casey O'Connor, and Lucy Puls this is not to be missed!

Almost Home-Less @ N Thornton Rd & Highway 12
Richard Gilles
The Highway Remembers is as the Axis Gallery. Richard Gilles is an exceptional photog and some of you may remember the Q & A I did with him about a year ago. The above photo is from his earlier body of work.

Matthias Geiger
While you're at Axis pop into to the Center to check out the work of Boyd Gavin and Matthias Geiger, an interesting pairing if I do say so.

Crest Theatre Marquee
Sacramento (ed. 15)
Roger Vail
Jay Jay has more photography on offer with the work of Roger Vail coupled with the paintings of Robin Hill.

After dark the Towe Auto Museum will be showing Drag Strip Riot outside on a big screen for free. All in all this is an ambitious line up that I may not make, although ending 2nd Sat at the drive-in sounds pretty awesome.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Sittin' on a goldmine!

Sac State has been a goldmine of photo opportunities lately beginning with these insane kittens that one of my professors was giving away. The sweaters weren't fair really. Who can resist a kitten in a tiny sweater made from a sock? Fortunately, my jerk-o dog would eat that kitten in two bites so it was an easy decision for me.

Yesterday, Skipper and I did some printmaking and on our way to the print lab we encounter this which we very responsibly reported to the proper authorities and by that I mean we left it where it was and laughed.

I thought this van depicting 40 ft police officers terrorizing the river city was pretty hilarious.

I think this speaks for itself. OK!

In the print lab I found this huge dust covered dead bee on the litho press.

Finally... Skipper drinks his namesake.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The human fireball that is Fatimah Tuggar!

Fatimah Tuggar spoke at Sac State last night and she is fabulous! I will write more about her visit soon but in the meantime I want to let everyone know that she will be speaking again this Friday in the University Union as part of the Peace and Justice Conference from 1-3pm.

To check out a little of what Fatimah does go here and make sure to wait for it to load.

For a little extra afternoon entertainment here's a clip from the Paul H-O documentary "Guest of Cindy Sherman" which was a recurring topic of discussion yesterday during Fatimah's visit. The guy seems like such a drip. I still need to see the film before lodging any definitive criticism against him but from the clips I've seen and reading I've done he seems like an opportunist whiner.
My girlfriend's famous waaaaaaaaahhhhh!