Wednesday, April 2, 2008

yum, yum

THE LAST PEEP OFF EVER was a pretty good show all things considered. I'm not sure what I expected from THE LAST PEEP OFF EVER but whatever expectations I may have had were lived up to.

There were unusual snacks like peep and peanut butter sandwiches, chicken marinated in colon cleaner, and sour cream, chive, and peep ice cream which I didn't try not so much because I was hung over and it sounded disgusting as that it was made with chives from Smitty and Skipper's front yard.

Our Peep of Guadalupe

Heston Peep
The winner drove up from Santa Barbara and ate 45 peeps scoring her The Old Peep and the Sea, an original painting by Muggs. G Bomb and Andy made some pretty stellar dioramas as well as far as art was concerned. The second place winner ate 30-some peeps barfed 'em and re-ate them and in the end took home nothing. Almost ain't the same as winning I guess.

Jax stole the show in the fashion category this year despite Smitty's flamboyant ensemble. Jax was to THE LAST PEEP OFF EVER what Shirley Temple-Black was to the Tournament of Roses; stately, elegant, graceful. A real lady.

The last contest of the day was won by Smitty himself.

HCE five months... Smitty 7... 7 1/2?



Anonymous said...

I thought the winner ate 65 peeps, with second place being 60.

Liv Moe said...

maybe, we should ask smitty. he has the official roster.

archbishop said...

65 it was -- from the lovely young Annie who drove up from Santa Barbara. Chip ate 55, threw up, ate his puke, then ate ate 5 more for a total of 60 for 2nd place.

1st Prize: Old Peep and the Sea painting that Marletta did.

2nd Prize: Nothing, you loser!

3rd Prize: Petri dish candy with brains and eyes.