Monday, April 21, 2008

The work of others...

...finally, not my own!

I've been collecting all of these little tidbits lately and haven't had a minute to post so here ya are. I guess for the next couple of weeks actually I will be burping up bits and pieces from my travels which I have been meaning to get up and haven't.

For starters,this really breaks my heart. I suppose there was a good chance that this might not have ended well but still, really, really sad.

Last 2nd Sat I saw some great stuff that again, been meaning to post etc, etc.

Geoff Tuttle

Little Peepholes by Sean Christopher was also awesome! I was a little spacey this past 2nd Sat so I didn't catch if he was from Sac or not. Beautiful work none the less. Both pieces were at A Bitchin' Space.

Breaking news the Yale abort-o-rama scandal is a hoax! Za zing!

Okay first there was the bludgeoner at SFAI and now this:

I gotta say I'm really getting tired of this shit. Not that anything is gonna happen if I put my foot down but still. Apparently Guillermo Vargas “Habacuc" will be starving a dog to death in a gallery for the upcoming CentroAmerican Bienal in Honduras. The above images are from the first time he pulled this off. I think a good way to end this piece would have been for another performance artist to enter the gallery and pop “Habacuc" in the face and feed the dog. I also kinda can't stand the shiftless gallery goers enjoying refreshments while this dog is supposedly dying. Yes, I know what the artist is trying to say and I get it on an the intellectual level which it is intended but it still stinks. In the long run if it got a wave of people to actually pay attention to dogs dying on the street the way they would in the gallery then mission accomplished but the general populace doesn't typically attend gallery openings of this sort see AIDS:Cultural Analysis/Cultural Activism by Douglas Crimp in reference to fine art as political action. In short just feed the fuckin' dog!

Lastly, LUCY PULS IS COMING! This Wed April 23rd at 7pm in Mariposa Room 1001. Be there!!!!!


FFT said...

i would like to tie habacuc in my backyard and starve him. we can make mojitos and watch.

Heather K. said...

This post made me really depressed. Killed peace-makers and dog torture?! Ahhh I need something happy to read on my lunch breaks.

Anonymous said...

I can accept that the layman might hold an opinion about a piece without seeing it, but it's difficult to fathom someone purportedly steeped in the art world would fail to make the minimum effort necessary put forth a valid criticism: that of simply being familiar with the work.

guess what? That breathless bulletin all your MySpace friends are putting up is extremely unlikely to have captured the entire story. What is for CERTAIN is that he is NOT repeating the install at the Honduras biennal -- a total misconception, this even admitted by the WSPA which brought the original install to light via a press release. Additionally, the WSPA cannot confirm how or even IF the dog died -- the director of the gallery in question has written a response which alleges the dog was fed daily and escaped (rather than died) before the exhibit completed. According to the director, it was tied up for only three hours, and was otherwise free to roam the courtyard of the gallery.

In absence of facts, the responsible thing to do is either to withhold comment or seek out more information. Really, I expect this kind of simplistic reactionary thinking from someone who isn't familiar with the art world and how and why controversial art exists, but you'd think someone who makes work would actually say "hang on -- the popular opinion of this work may be misplaced or inaccurate".

Liv Moe said...

Dear anonymous,

"I expect this kind of simplistic reactionary thinking from someone who isn't familiar with the art world and how and why controversial art exists, but you'd think someone who makes work would actually say 'hang on -- the popular opinion of this work may be misplaced or inaccurate'."

believe it or not i have given this considerable thought as news of this work comes on the heels of a recent rash of controversial works - i.e. shvarts, abdessemed - that cannot be easily dismissed.

while this work has clearly touched a nerve, is raising interesting points, and is clearly inspiring dialogue around the world, i'm not sure that it makes it "good." i'm still considering that.

also, in fairness if you do a fair amount of googling on this work which i did you will find a range of reports everything from the dog died to it didn't, it was fed and it wasn't, it escaped and it didn't.

if the work is in fact what it appeared to be in the research that i came across yesterday than i stand by my post. no matter how great your concept maybe a line gets crossed when you decided that allowing someone or something else to suffer for it against their will is bullshit.

Liv Moe said...

wait a minute.... "Myspace friends"? man anonymous posters are catty!

Anonymous said...

I kind of agree with anonymous a bit.. my BS alarm is going off and I suspect that the dog was not actually starved to death.

one way or the other, why won't anonymous use his/her own name? why? what are you afraid of?

also, wondering where anonymous stands on the artistic validity of murdering a travelling performance artist who is dressed as a bride? I wonder if anonymous is having simplistic reactionary thoughts about THAT work.


Anonymous said...

where i stand on that is that I think what happened to Pippa was tragic, and I think it's tragic that the event is being bandied about to prove to women that they aren't safe traveling by themselves, just as many events on the extreme edges of chance are used to frighten people.

is the world more dangerous today? are there more rapists? More child abductors? or is it just that we're more afraid of them and more frightened by the outliers than the real threats. automobile deaths are the leading cause of accidental death in the US, but how many people do you know who refuse to travel by car? You know what the second leading cause is? Falls. How many people do you know are constantly in fear of falling off something?

Caution is good -- fear is bad.

as to why I'm anonymous, well, I've already has newsgroup posts from 1992 archived forever and I'd rather not have opinions follow me around, particularly when it is upon a hot button issue, because people love to throw it in your face later. i agree that it was unfair that i abused the privilege to be less than polite in my remarks.

Anonymous said...

i've already has learned that i shouldn't edit only parts of sentences.

now ... back to lurking....