Sunday, April 20, 2008

watta weekend!

watta week or even two weeks for that matter!

my 2nd and last reception was fabulous much like the first. so many people came who i truly didn't expect to see some of whom even drove an hour or more to make it. so awesome.

post reception the weirdest thing happened and something that i wasn't expecting at all. i got really, really sad. i totally thought i would be stoked that i did it and it was done etc etc. instead, leaving the gallery that night post reception felt like throwing one last look at an apartment or house you really loved before moving out. it was strange.

friday night the skipper came and helped me load it out. it took all night forcing us to eat dinner at plum blossom sometime after midnight. we let it all hang out.

saturday morning i sprung out of bed after a small amount of sleep and raced to davis for picnic day '08 so fun!!!!! yeah!!!! it was totally amazing. i was a little worried about being tired but then th' streaks float arrived and skipper and i followed it i with a video camera and skipper with a regular camera and it was like being swept up in a giddy travelin' party. we went and went and went until the parade wrapped up and the cops literally came and pulled the plug.

here's a few of skippo's outstanding pics. i love that omf is standing on the drum kit in the pic where the cop is scolding them. classic! video soon to come...

afterward i was like a little kid that played too hard and crashed. we went to guadalajara for lunch and i went down hard. when i got home i slept off and on until pretty much 8am this morning. i awoke for a few magazine errands and dinner and that was about it.

now that i feel human again i got a headlands app to finish and my written thesis.

striking distance baby!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the headlands. I didn't know you were going for it!

It would be sweet!!!