Friday, April 11, 2008

So Fun, So Happy!

Last night was so great!!! Art receptions can sometimes be a little awkward and stressful but last night was absolutely so much fun!!! There were so many folks who came that I was so happy to see and I actually sold a couple of works!

stuffed toys, thread, poly-fil, rope
When it was all over OMF and I went out to eat with ST and AL and the Lanes!!!! So cool! In 2005 D. Lane and I were neck and neck for best of show at the State Fair and I ended up winning in a scandal that is apparently still talked about to this day - my piece was widely hated by fair goers and some fair staff. Whenever I hear folks talk about Shumbles I get bummed that I threw it away, something that one fair employee made frequent jokes about wanting to do prior to the fair opening. Unfortunately, during that show was when we got robbed so when the show was over I had no where to put the work. Such is life.

One of these days I should post some of the better comments that I got in the comment book from that show. They're really funny. Out the forty-plus pages of comments only one was positive, it was by a 10 year old, and it referenced a dinosaur that was in the youth exhibit. Priceless.

In addition to swapping tidbits about the fair we also discussed old school Sac State and the high and lows of Sac's art scene. Good stuff!

Now I'm super looking forward to next week's reception, woot! woot! My only regret last night is that I didn't take a single damn picture. Stupid! Stupid! I'll have to be on it next time.

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beckler said...

you should post the comments. i'd like to see those. man, i didn't bring my camera either, and when you were being grilled by some artsy types about the chair i was lamenting that. perfect for out and about.