Monday, April 28, 2008

Okay, not too bad

Print making is kind of my achilles heel. I'm not so much the best at it but I really enjoy doing it. Unfortunately, it's crazy time consuming and involves a lot of specific steps which must be observed or else. It's like cooking in a way because a lot of the steps involved require perfect timing like etching a plate or making a lithograph. What that means is that often times one can spend a lot of time and effort and end up with nuthin'. The following are some of my most recent attempts:

Still life in Elaine's Class
Lino cut

I took a picture of my seat at the table in what proved to be my favorite class at Hornet Tech coming in a close second to my other favorite class which was also with Elaine. This was from Theory and Crit. I really liked the colors in the room that night so I took the pic not knowing what I would do with it until this week when I made it into a print. I originally thought it would be a painting in my tiny series. It could still be I suppose. In the meantime it's a small print.

Lino Cut

The remaining lino block that just had the sunglasses left seemed neat so I made a few prints of just those. They turned out okay.

Zinc etching

This is one of a series of etchings I'm doing of this vacuum I found in the street with the Ol' Man in Del Paso about 4 years ago. This is one of my best so far.


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