Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I really can't be bothered

So originally I was gonna post about various things I've done in the last few days like eat at Rickshaw - handrolls=good, roll-rolls=not so good, visit my friend JC's junkyard, fine tune my show, and eat delicious pupusas with the Skipper, but in the end I've had a I can't be bothered attitude for the past 48 hours. All my free time has been tucked into manicuring my yard which hasn't seen a lawn mower in 6 months, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, and eating. There has been some errand running mixed in there but not a ton. BTW eat at Pupuseria and Taqueria Isabel on Freeport! Their pasteles are super dreamy and their Salvadoran tamales are nothing to sneeze at either. Skipper and I ate there until we were stuffed for $11.

In my semilazy - still editing like a fool - state I received a link to my friend PM's flickr stream and found these great pics from the Rippers weekend. P and my other buddy DB had these crazy old cameras that they were taking pics with. They weren't sure if either of them would work at all and apparently they did.

Here's a couple pics of casa di Liv e Tim...

The colors are really beautiful. In that last photo I look so short but I'm sure it's just an illusion...

So yeah, that about it. For more procrastinating good times check out MM's food intern extraordinaire's blog about her current stay in India. I highly recommend it!

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