Monday, March 17, 2008

Erin go Bro

Oh man! I wandered out to dinner with my folks last night and we ended up at G.V. Hurley's. The food was good but overall the place gave me the back-out-and-leave vibe the minute we walked in the door. This may have been due to the wealth of backwards ball caps and cargo shorts cruisin' the place. I swear to god while we sat outside I heard the dude next to me going into lengthy detail with a table of young women about what frat he chose to rush when he was a college student. The whole time I kept thinking who cares(?) you look like you're at least in your early 30s. How the hell long ago was it that you even went to college?

Seeing as how I'm laid up fightin' the good fight against what I believe may be a cold I decided to google search GVH and found this on which made me cringe:

"Plans for the "masculine, yet edgy" restaurant include, a large Paragary rivaling rear courtyard, a circular bar in the center, plenty of outdoor patio seating on J Street and lots of, and I'm quoting, "fire and water themes." (Me like Fire.)"

"Masculine, yet edgy" I see. "Me like fire." uh, huh.

In GVH's defense, however, I will say the food was quite tasty. I was skeptical at first because they didn't really seem to be serving food but the fish, corned beef, and salad were all very yummy. So much so in fact that I filled up and was bummed I didn't have room for the free sandwiches I Dragoni was handing out. Perhaps post St. Pat's things will be less bro as the day is a bit of a douchebag's special party time. Then again there is that "masculine, yet edgy" image to uphold whatever that looks like.

Before we left I spotted KJ shaking hands in front of the patio and John Saca was inside chattin' up some white haired dude. Who knew the Moes run in such an elite crowd.

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