Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mission Timpossible!

Friday night's show was the absolute fucking best!!!! Best, best, best, best!!! It was one of those total shit eating grin stoked all night fun time free-for-alls that remind you what's so great about live music. Right now I would like to put Friday night in my top 3 of the year so far taking up residence with the Knock Knock show at Old I and The Mantles with Yellow Fever at DOV. This is a flawed top 3, however, considering my memory is not always the best possibly invalidating my point. Anyhoo, best, best, best, best.

Pizzas... BEST!

The Rippers were also the BEST, however, I couldn't get close to them with my camera cuz there were too many people crowding the stage.

The Troublemakers were absolutely, Timpossibly*, the BEST and I'm not just saying that cuz I'm married to one of 'em. Their set was great, the heckling was great, The Rippers drunkenly mobbin' the stage during Wildman was great, and the crazy finale when all three bands rushed the stage was great!

In a word fantastic!

The next morning OMF and I introduced The Rippers to Marie's donuts with good results. Thumbs up all around with the exception of Claudio who was wisely staving off food that morning. I took a lesson from Ms. Nice and laid out a lavish spread of eggs, Taylor's breakfast sausage which is super yummy, and fruit salad. As is often the case with house guests just as you all get to know one another and are having an awesome time folks gotta leave:( I imagine the dudes are probably in route to San Francisco as we speak to catch their flight out tomorrow morning.

Whirlwind times.

*Timpossible and Timpossibly are registered phrases licensed to Charles Albright, all rights reserved.

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Anonymous said...

The Troublemakers sounded so GOOD!
fun times.
chris teichman