Sunday, March 9, 2008

The little issue of a name

Finally! After much thought I have a title for my solo show in April. Woof! I swear coming up with titles for shows is quite the challenge. Coming up with titles for work can often be no fun either.

With that said here we go:

I Have So Much to Tell You
New Work by Liv Moe
April 7 - 18
Robert Else Gallery
Sac State
Thursday April 10th and Thursday April 17th from 6-9pm*
*That's right there's 2 for your viewing pleasure because the show's only open for two weeks with no weekend or evening hours with the exception of the receptions. Look at that I rhymed.

I just finished the focal piece for the show this afternoon.

This installation view kinda stinks because I haven't figured out how to shoot a work with this kind of lighting condition before.

The details are really nice though...

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