Sunday, March 9, 2008

It's gonna be a minute...

..cos I got a lot to say.

The past few days have been crazy beginning with the Fallouts show last Thursday which was GREAT! Sacto missed out for sure as the attendance was really not as good as it should of been. It was such a good show.

Sadly I didn't take any pictures except for this one of the box springs that turned up in our alley between 2:30am when we loaded the tour van into our back lot and about 11am the next morning. Dumpers move fast!

Friday night I saw KLJ's new flick Why Lie I Need a Drink and it was super good. I saw it the first time a few months back when he had a rough cut screening and I'm impressed at the amount of fine tuning that took place since then. A feature length film is such a huge undertaking and this was an ambitious attempt to get right on the first try. Big congrats!

Saturday morning Skipper and I went to the Flea and saw this adorable dog camouflaged amongst all the other junk for sale.

A Shiver
Robert Schwartz

2nd Sat was on this month! I saw so many great shows I don't even know where to begin. If you get a chance and are at SCC be sure to check out the Kurt Fishback show at the Kondos Gallery. It will be your big chance to peek inside the secret lair of David Lane. The Phil Amrhein show at Axis and Robert Schwartz's tiny paintings at the CCAS are not to be missed either. I still have to make it to BLOCK. Last night was such a whirl wind that I never made it to 10th and K:( At the end of the evening I had a lovely time unwinding at the Brick House with Michele Whitnack's show. I really love that space. Last night I also got the chance to run into my favorite person in the whole world twice! A rare occasion indeed. Lucky me!

Today I'm struggling with the time change despite loving the extra hours of daylight. I still managed to squeeze close to 4 hours into my studio though and make a kick ass curry for dinner. Yum, yum, yum.

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KLJ said...

Thanks Liv. I'm really glad you enjoyed it and I really appreciate your help in getting the word out.