Sunday, March 23, 2008


The Rippers' show was a bitter sweet combination of highs and lows. Seeing as how most folks seem to prefer good news first let's start with the highs.

High: LOCAL ALL AGES VENUE The Javalounge is an OUTSTANDING place to see a show. You can watch from inside or the sidewalk, the sound isn't great yet but it aint bad, and it's conveniently located a block and a half away from the XO Lounge for between set beers. Post show, however, Heckamax shared with us his insights about Inferno so perhaps I'll go there for a beer instead next time.

High: The show was great! The Rippers did not disappoint. It was such a good line up and there were so many people there that I've rarely or never seen at a show. It was packed and not just with underage show goers so it wasn't simply that it was all ages. Seriously, the turn out was amazing.

Paolo looked this way pretty much through the entire set.

High: These pics of the Rippers come courtesy of Der Skipper who just got a new camera and is back to his usual sweet ass picture takin' self.

High: Not that I played in any of the bands so I can't officially talk $$$ but from what I understand all three acts were paid HANDSOMELY.

High: The XO Lounge. G Bomb and I went twice and both times made perfect post set interludes. Best of all there is a Miller High Life bottle that someone stuck in their beer selection as a joke which the bartender is aware of but neither takes down nor has decided to began serving. Funny? Charming.

High: The Slovenly crew drove down from Reno for the show to share their tenacious partying appetites with us Sacto-ites. Goodtimes. Sadly, I discovered that the Bananas are playing on the Friday of the Slovenly weekend not Saturday meaning I shan't be going to Reno next weekend. Oh well, at least I won't miss the LAST PEEP OFF EVER that way.

High: Hijacking Heckamax and taking the Italians to Skinner's 30th birthday party despite the fact that it was pretty wound down, low key, and cold by the time we got there. Munchies anyone?

Okay, they had to come some time... now for the lows or low I should say.

There was a time in my life, granted it was probably about 10 years ago, that waking up the morning after putting people up to discover cigarette butts in the dining room and vomit in a house plant wouldn't have phased me much. In fact I can still vividly remember a morning that my roommates and I awoke after having a show at our house to discover an aquarium full of urine in our backyard and laughed and laughed. We later drew straws to determine who would be the lucky individual that would have to go outside and kick it over. I don't remember who "won" but I know it wasn't me.

That said I was a little nonplussed to find that the cigarette smell that I thought was wafting in from the front door opening and closing as I slept was actually just coming straight from the dining room. This morning as everyone was getting there crap together and we were having a porch sit I glanced at my jade plant and thought man what the heck? Something weird happened to the dirt in that pot it almost looks like someone puked in it... what the hell?!?!?!?!?!?

Subsequently I spent the afternoon scrubba, scrubba, scrubbing to get the smokey smell out.

Ah how times change huh?

Feed me tasty salsa!!!

To end on a high note... following the pack up and dust off we headed to Uptown for breakfast and it was excellent as usual although I'm seriously kicking myself for ordering the breakfast burrito. OMF got the Uptown Benedict - I think I have the name right - which was crazy. It was like an eggs benedict but with biscuits and gravy instead of hollandaise and English muffins. So good. Just before my burrito arrived I remembered Beckler mentioning that their bb is kinda dull in her review for MM. Oh well.

I suppose in hindsight when you tally it up the highs outweigh the lows making it a pretty decent 24hrs.

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beckler said...

i was all set to get sad that you hadn't noticed i said that and then you brightened my day. a definite high.