Sunday, March 2, 2008


Some weekends end with a relaxing lull some weekends end with a disappointing thud. This weekend I am enjoying the later.

Let's begin at the beginning... About 5 years ago a friend of mine moved back to Arkansas and gave me her favorite houseplant, a big bushy schefflera which I love, love, love. In general I'm not a stellar houseplant person. Now OMF on the other hand is total green thumb. Lucky me. That said I have been stoked at the success I've had keeping my prized schefflera alive.

Fast forward to this past summer when the Ol' Man and I had found a giant cow hide rug at the swap under the freeway for 50 smackers! A steal really.

Now let's revisit my original point about the way a weekend can end. We got home this evening after having a stellar meal at Andy Nguyen's to find that the house reeked like poo and greenery. We looked around and everything seemed normal on first glance. On closer inspection I noticed my precious plant knocked to the ground with several leaves chewed off. I then followed my nose into the living room where the cowhide resides and discovered the source of both smells. I believe the blanks can be filled in from here.

Like I said, thud.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! It appears that the "small creatures eating things they shouldn't and then ruining your carpet" curse hit you too. You didn't even cross the threshold of my home and Lucas put his tiny, evil hex upon you!


beckler said...

steve the cat ate a bunch of azalea leaves in the back yard and then puked two pools of puke on the carpet. the thing that is so annoying about that is that she obviously craves greenery, but is too much of a chicken to go in the front yard, and all we have in the back to munch are azaleas, which are supposedly poisonous to cats. also annoying: our house only contains like 10 square feet of carpet and she runs to them to puke

Liv Moe said...

i think it would be funny if you grew steve some kitty grass in the house. don't ask me why...

speaking of lucas maybe buddy barfed on my rug as some sort of karmic ass biting as a result of me laughing at luke's salami/somersault.