Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mission Timpossible!

Friday night's show was the absolute fucking best!!!! Best, best, best, best!!! It was one of those total shit eating grin stoked all night fun time free-for-alls that remind you what's so great about live music. Right now I would like to put Friday night in my top 3 of the year so far taking up residence with the Knock Knock show at Old I and The Mantles with Yellow Fever at DOV. This is a flawed top 3, however, considering my memory is not always the best possibly invalidating my point. Anyhoo, best, best, best, best.

Pizzas... BEST!

The Rippers were also the BEST, however, I couldn't get close to them with my camera cuz there were too many people crowding the stage.

The Troublemakers were absolutely, Timpossibly*, the BEST and I'm not just saying that cuz I'm married to one of 'em. Their set was great, the heckling was great, The Rippers drunkenly mobbin' the stage during Wildman was great, and the crazy finale when all three bands rushed the stage was great!

In a word fantastic!

The next morning OMF and I introduced The Rippers to Marie's donuts with good results. Thumbs up all around with the exception of Claudio who was wisely staving off food that morning. I took a lesson from Ms. Nice and laid out a lavish spread of eggs, Taylor's breakfast sausage which is super yummy, and fruit salad. As is often the case with house guests just as you all get to know one another and are having an awesome time folks gotta leave:( I imagine the dudes are probably in route to San Francisco as we speak to catch their flight out tomorrow morning.

Whirlwind times.

*Timpossible and Timpossibly are registered phrases licensed to Charles Albright, all rights reserved.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Tonight, tonight!!

Look at how cute my husband is in this photo. He's the one in the middle BTW.

Don't forget, The Troublemakers 2 night! With the Pizzas and another heaping dose of The Rippers. I'm so excited about seeing the Troublemakers tonight! Just recently I was telling someone that before I really knew Tim I would go see the Troublemakers and think that guy is a kook! I think whoever it was who asked wanted to know if I fell in love with him from going to his shows. Pretty funny.

Okay, now back to the real deal, finishing my show!

A sense of accomplishment

It's been a long week! It seems like I've had something important to do pretty much everyday beginning with Monday night when the Ol' Man and I stayed up all night proofing the April issue. In addition to that deadline I just finally sent out about three projects that have been looming in the back of my brain for the past month. As stressful as deadlines and projects are there is definitely something to be said for the sweet relief and feeling of accomplishment that comes with completion, especially when you've done a good job getting your shit together.

Wed evening the Monthly crew hit the Midtown Business Association's annual dinner. The speaker was outstanding! His name was Dan Zack and he's from Redwood City. Many of the points he made felt like they were coming straight from my mouth as he was saying them. My two favorites were: a. Don't try to be the suburbs, you're not the suburbs, people don't come downtown for the suburbs they come downtown for the urbanity, embrace that. and b. Enact a right to party law. Nightlife makes an urban environment vibrant. It is unfair to expect to move into a 24hr neighborhood and then expect it to go to bed when you do. Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!!

Many of the things Zack said were straight up common sense, however, in the context of where he was making these comments they seemed kind of ballsy. It's funny to me that you would even have to tell someone that if they move in across the street from a nightclub they really can't complain that much because they moved in across the street from a nightclub.

Heather Fargo or Steve Cohn, I don't remember which, made a comment that kinda jumps on my nerves. I say either or because I've heard them and many others make variations on the same comment at different times which is; "Sacramento is finally growing up!" That's a dangerous phrase and I don't care to speculate on exactly what is meant by it but I will say that what their term implies is that everything is so much better now. While I will agree there are things I like about the new Sacramento there are certain other things that scare the wits out of me, chief among them being our heady desire to roll over for developers as though as a city we still kinda stink and if we could just get the right person in here with enough money to clean up the joint....

Inspired by what Zack said I would like to see the city match some of what's already happening with some projects, programs, and events that will promote our local community. 2nd Saturday is on fire proving that people like to get out and wander the streets all year long. What about bringing back the Thursday market? How 'bout doing more with River Park? Or a midweek year round farmer's market similar to the one in Davis? We have the tools necessary to implement some other projects that would support what we already have nicely. Projects that wouldn't even require valet parking.

In essence my point is this. The visible landscape of Sacramento is indeed changing, in some ways that are good and others that literally make me ache inside, however, none of this has anything to do with one very important fact. Sacramento and Midtown especially, has a thriving, supportive, talented, and vibrant community that is the reason I chose to stay here thirteen years ago despite frequent desires to move to San Francisco. I really can't conceive of living anywhere else. That community is what makes this region and I'm not just talking about the music scene, or the art scene, I mean everyone who has an investment in Midtown from where I go out to eat and buy coffee, to the guy who fixes my truck. I really love my city. I loved it thirteen years ago and I still love it now, despite the valet parking.

Man, I really didn't mean to get preachy but there you are...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sacto Kitten loves dot

This story is kinda weird. I saw it on Boing Boing today and when I followed the link the story ran in Texas. Strange. Perhaps, it was on the Sac news too. Who knows? The video link is pretty funny for it's dullness. Sacto makin' news! Or mews I should say. wah, wah, wah, waaaahhhh.

Cacti watch

I am totally nerdin' out on the cactus garden this year and as such I'm on Cactus watch '08. I took these pics about two days ago and will check back before the end of the week to record the progress. These things grow so fast! I check them almost everyday and it seems like new growth literally springs up over night. It's just about the best gardening ever for the instant gratification factor if nothing else. On the flip side, however, there are the stickers to deal with I suppose.

This one is just in there cuz I'm so dang proud of it. Best aeonium... EVER!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cheers for Chairs

Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to... my giant knees!


The Rippers' show was a bitter sweet combination of highs and lows. Seeing as how most folks seem to prefer good news first let's start with the highs.

High: LOCAL ALL AGES VENUE The Javalounge is an OUTSTANDING place to see a show. You can watch from inside or the sidewalk, the sound isn't great yet but it aint bad, and it's conveniently located a block and a half away from the XO Lounge for between set beers. Post show, however, Heckamax shared with us his insights about Inferno so perhaps I'll go there for a beer instead next time.

High: The show was great! The Rippers did not disappoint. It was such a good line up and there were so many people there that I've rarely or never seen at a show. It was packed and not just with underage show goers so it wasn't simply that it was all ages. Seriously, the turn out was amazing.

Paolo looked this way pretty much through the entire set.

High: These pics of the Rippers come courtesy of Der Skipper who just got a new camera and is back to his usual sweet ass picture takin' self.

High: Not that I played in any of the bands so I can't officially talk $$$ but from what I understand all three acts were paid HANDSOMELY.

High: The XO Lounge. G Bomb and I went twice and both times made perfect post set interludes. Best of all there is a Miller High Life bottle that someone stuck in their beer selection as a joke which the bartender is aware of but neither takes down nor has decided to began serving. Funny? Charming.

High: The Slovenly crew drove down from Reno for the show to share their tenacious partying appetites with us Sacto-ites. Goodtimes. Sadly, I discovered that the Bananas are playing on the Friday of the Slovenly weekend not Saturday meaning I shan't be going to Reno next weekend. Oh well, at least I won't miss the LAST PEEP OFF EVER that way.

High: Hijacking Heckamax and taking the Italians to Skinner's 30th birthday party despite the fact that it was pretty wound down, low key, and cold by the time we got there. Munchies anyone?

Okay, they had to come some time... now for the lows or low I should say.

There was a time in my life, granted it was probably about 10 years ago, that waking up the morning after putting people up to discover cigarette butts in the dining room and vomit in a house plant wouldn't have phased me much. In fact I can still vividly remember a morning that my roommates and I awoke after having a show at our house to discover an aquarium full of urine in our backyard and laughed and laughed. We later drew straws to determine who would be the lucky individual that would have to go outside and kick it over. I don't remember who "won" but I know it wasn't me.

That said I was a little nonplussed to find that the cigarette smell that I thought was wafting in from the front door opening and closing as I slept was actually just coming straight from the dining room. This morning as everyone was getting there crap together and we were having a porch sit I glanced at my jade plant and thought man what the heck? Something weird happened to the dirt in that pot it almost looks like someone puked in it... what the hell?!?!?!?!?!?

Subsequently I spent the afternoon scrubba, scrubba, scrubbing to get the smokey smell out.

Ah how times change huh?

Feed me tasty salsa!!!

To end on a high note... following the pack up and dust off we headed to Uptown for breakfast and it was excellent as usual although I'm seriously kicking myself for ordering the breakfast burrito. OMF got the Uptown Benedict - I think I have the name right - which was crazy. It was like an eggs benedict but with biscuits and gravy instead of hollandaise and English muffins. So good. Just before my burrito arrived I remembered Beckler mentioning that their bb is kinda dull in her review for MM. Oh well.

I suppose in hindsight when you tally it up the highs outweigh the lows making it a pretty decent 24hrs.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Assholes in the USA"!!!

Don't forget! The Rippers will be at the Javalounge tommorrow night with Th' Losin' Streaks and Agent Ribbons. Though I have yet to see them live I told fellow blogger Kickpleat - Everybody Likes Sandwiches and The Small Joys - about Tuesday's Vancouver show and she loved it. You can see video from that show here, here, and here.

It's gonna be awesome...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Erin go Bro

Oh man! I wandered out to dinner with my folks last night and we ended up at G.V. Hurley's. The food was good but overall the place gave me the back-out-and-leave vibe the minute we walked in the door. This may have been due to the wealth of backwards ball caps and cargo shorts cruisin' the place. I swear to god while we sat outside I heard the dude next to me going into lengthy detail with a table of young women about what frat he chose to rush when he was a college student. The whole time I kept thinking who cares(?) you look like you're at least in your early 30s. How the hell long ago was it that you even went to college?

Seeing as how I'm laid up fightin' the good fight against what I believe may be a cold I decided to google search GVH and found this on which made me cringe:

"Plans for the "masculine, yet edgy" restaurant include, a large Paragary rivaling rear courtyard, a circular bar in the center, plenty of outdoor patio seating on J Street and lots of, and I'm quoting, "fire and water themes." (Me like Fire.)"

"Masculine, yet edgy" I see. "Me like fire." uh, huh.

In GVH's defense, however, I will say the food was quite tasty. I was skeptical at first because they didn't really seem to be serving food but the fish, corned beef, and salad were all very yummy. So much so in fact that I filled up and was bummed I didn't have room for the free sandwiches I Dragoni was handing out. Perhaps post St. Pat's things will be less bro as the day is a bit of a douchebag's special party time. Then again there is that "masculine, yet edgy" image to uphold whatever that looks like.

Before we left I spotted KJ shaking hands in front of the patio and John Saca was inside chattin' up some white haired dude. Who knew the Moes run in such an elite crowd.

but... i love him...

I had to bring the little dog to my studio for observation today. About two days ago he ate close to three quarters of my favorite belt. Though I was quite angry at the time, I quickly became concerned as his eating habits became a little spotty and he barfed soon after eating dinner last night. I found a lot of good info on line about intestinal obstruction which led to the BM watch which took place for the better part of today. Life really takes on new meaning when you spend the afternoon waiting for your dog to take a dump. Fortunately for all he held his breakfast down with no problem and left a healthy present behind ASL this afternoon. Back to business as usual.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

In Praise of the square meal

I swear to god(!) my eating habits over the past week were shall we say... less than stellar? From about last Wed through Sat afternoon I cobbled meals together from various handfuls of things, art reception fare, and party spreads. Although I will say the Spanish inspired presentation at the dance party I went to Friday night was amazing. More prosciutto! More!!! According to OMF, post stuffing myself and dancing my pants off I came home, promptly curled up in the fetal position at the foot of the bed wearing all my clothes and conked out. Sadly, I didn't even enjoy the benefit of drinking that much, I was just plain zonked.

Saturday night I decided enough was enough and laid out to cook something splendid! We feasted on pasta putanesca - any excuse to eat anchovies(!) - with lots of wine, salad, and bread. It was total heaven. Just what I needed.

This afternoon the roll continued at Mulvaney's pig roast. It was on! I sampled pig, lamb, chicken, and goat. yum, yum, yum, and yum. This may sound crazy because that pig was good but I think my favorite may have been the goat. That was seriously some of the best goat ever. Delish.

Now I'm curled up in bed, hoping I'm not coming down with something as a result of all of my devil may care dietary choices. Perhaps the wind has caused these achy sinuses. We'll see I suppose...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Happening!!

Our cactus garden is poppin' off. Once the weather really starts to warm up the pad cacti will explode like a kernels of popcorn with new growth. I love this time of year!!!

rips and shred

Doug Biggert's talk last night was great! Though it was clear that he's not the most seasoned lecturer I enjoyed his casual manner far more than the rehearsed presentations I usually go to. I feel uncomfortable making an observation on Doug's "work" - during the talk he seemed amused by the term in reference to himself - because he clearly has a very informal, non-self conscious opinion of what he does. I will say though that after hearing him speak last night and then heading over to his apartment later in the evening it's clear that Doug personifies a sort of pure notion of what an artist is. Someone who just does what they do, not because they're necessarily trained to do it, or planned it, or anything other than just wanting to do what interests them everyday. That sort of thinking and practice exists on a whole different level. In the case of someone like Doug what he does is very specifically who he is and I think that's fascinating.

He also made a comment during the talk that super resonated with me perhaps just because of what I'm currently working on at the moment but the notion of capturing an image of someone you have a momentary interaction with because there's the chance they'll be gone from your consciousness forever otherwise. I was listening to Living on Earth the other night and this author was talking about the fact that humans are the only species that live with an intellectual understanding of their impending death. It's an interesting concept when you think about it. So many people I know who make work do it on some level to stand as a sort of document that someone or something existed. I really look at what they do differently now because of this whole mortality concept and I wonder how we would perceive and make art if we didn't have this awareness.

On a lighter note... The Mayyors ripped and shredded at the Ganglians house last night. So awesome!!! They weren't as blisteringly loud either although Woodhouse assured me that this was an anomaly that will have to be corrected.

This isn't the best footage ever but it's sorta okay. I shot it because I thought Mark floppin' around like a fish was funny, although you can't really see him.

Afterwards as I'm loitering around the front yard comfortably tipsy this woman came up to me and said "hey, you taught me perspective last week in Art 1b." Excellent.

At the end of the evening I drunkenly took pictures of Doug Biggert's front door until the batteries in my camera died.

All in all in a pretty great night.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


AH! This post is so late! Don't forget to go to Doug Biggert's lecture tonight at Time Tested Books on his book Hitchhikers. In the meantime you can read this article about him to find out why you need to be there.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

never gonna give, never gonna give

Ha! I first saw this on the small joys the other day and it made laugh out loud so I've decided to repost. It was originally reposted from this flickr stream which is full of a bunch of other funny shit which is causing me to stay up too late and laugh. The Meatloaf one is another fav.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The little issue of a name

Finally! After much thought I have a title for my solo show in April. Woof! I swear coming up with titles for shows is quite the challenge. Coming up with titles for work can often be no fun either.

With that said here we go:

I Have So Much to Tell You
New Work by Liv Moe
April 7 - 18
Robert Else Gallery
Sac State
Thursday April 10th and Thursday April 17th from 6-9pm*
*That's right there's 2 for your viewing pleasure because the show's only open for two weeks with no weekend or evening hours with the exception of the receptions. Look at that I rhymed.

I just finished the focal piece for the show this afternoon.

This installation view kinda stinks because I haven't figured out how to shoot a work with this kind of lighting condition before.

The details are really nice though...

It's gonna be a minute...

..cos I got a lot to say.

The past few days have been crazy beginning with the Fallouts show last Thursday which was GREAT! Sacto missed out for sure as the attendance was really not as good as it should of been. It was such a good show.

Sadly I didn't take any pictures except for this one of the box springs that turned up in our alley between 2:30am when we loaded the tour van into our back lot and about 11am the next morning. Dumpers move fast!

Friday night I saw KLJ's new flick Why Lie I Need a Drink and it was super good. I saw it the first time a few months back when he had a rough cut screening and I'm impressed at the amount of fine tuning that took place since then. A feature length film is such a huge undertaking and this was an ambitious attempt to get right on the first try. Big congrats!

Saturday morning Skipper and I went to the Flea and saw this adorable dog camouflaged amongst all the other junk for sale.

A Shiver
Robert Schwartz

2nd Sat was on this month! I saw so many great shows I don't even know where to begin. If you get a chance and are at SCC be sure to check out the Kurt Fishback show at the Kondos Gallery. It will be your big chance to peek inside the secret lair of David Lane. The Phil Amrhein show at Axis and Robert Schwartz's tiny paintings at the CCAS are not to be missed either. I still have to make it to BLOCK. Last night was such a whirl wind that I never made it to 10th and K:( At the end of the evening I had a lovely time unwinding at the Brick House with Michele Whitnack's show. I really love that space. Last night I also got the chance to run into my favorite person in the whole world twice! A rare occasion indeed. Lucky me!

Today I'm struggling with the time change despite loving the extra hours of daylight. I still managed to squeeze close to 4 hours into my studio though and make a kick ass curry for dinner. Yum, yum, yum.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tonight's the night!!!

This is it everybody! Tonight it the GASA Auction at the Robert Else Gallery at Sac State. This is your chance to take some outstanding work home at a low, low prices. Sadly, there is more work in the show than is on the blog at this point but that just means that you'll have to go check it out and bid, bid, bid!!!!!

If you're looking for more entertainment post show Seattle's The Fallouts are playing at Ye Olde Ironsides-e.

There you go! Your Thursday night!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I new it! I should have been taking bets on how long it would take for the "women's colab" to devolve into a titillating explosion of base humor. When I went to the bathroom last night I noticed that the board was covered and I mean literally covered in drawings of boobs along with numerous misspellings of the words "boobies" and "titties." You'd be surprised how many different ways one can misspell those two words. I meant to take a picture of this new development but sadly like a snowflake this masterpiece was doomed to disappear once its true potential was realized. I'm guessing that "the man" saw it and pulled it down.

Ahhhhh, art school.

Draggy business

I have a kidney infection:( No big whoop I get them from time to time but that doesn't make them any less annnnnoyyyying. As such I've been treadin' water barely getting shit done and not having anytime to post. Though my current ailment is buggin' it's not quite as annoying as this guy:

You want it, you want it, you know you want it!

Okay so despite the lack of comments on the GASA auction blog the work that is now installed in the GASA Auction at the Else is going like hotcakes. People have bidding fever. There is so much good shit in there that I had to restrain myself from not dropping bids as we were hanging the work. Here is just one example of the lovely items you will find if you hit the reception Thursday night.

Mixed media on panel
Yelena Martynovskaya

Good stuff... I'm telling ya. And as I said before if you can't make it to the auction drop a bid at the site listed in links section to the right and I will make sure to record it for you.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Some weekends end with a relaxing lull some weekends end with a disappointing thud. This weekend I am enjoying the later.

Let's begin at the beginning... About 5 years ago a friend of mine moved back to Arkansas and gave me her favorite houseplant, a big bushy schefflera which I love, love, love. In general I'm not a stellar houseplant person. Now OMF on the other hand is total green thumb. Lucky me. That said I have been stoked at the success I've had keeping my prized schefflera alive.

Fast forward to this past summer when the Ol' Man and I had found a giant cow hide rug at the swap under the freeway for 50 smackers! A steal really.

Now let's revisit my original point about the way a weekend can end. We got home this evening after having a stellar meal at Andy Nguyen's to find that the house reeked like poo and greenery. We looked around and everything seemed normal on first glance. On closer inspection I noticed my precious plant knocked to the ground with several leaves chewed off. I then followed my nose into the living room where the cowhide resides and discovered the source of both smells. I believe the blanks can be filled in from here.

Like I said, thud.