Thursday, February 28, 2008


Someone installed this wipe-off board in the women's room for us to share our art inspirations with one another.It's pretty funny. I wonder if they were expecting something more profound.


Working hard or hardly working?

The deer is almost finished!!! At long last. I'm not totally happy with the head and I'm still resolving the hind quarters but overall I'm pretty satisfied. Now I'm trying to decide if I'll need another one or two for the show.

I'm still going wig kerazy too!!

I think I'm gonna have to do some heavy thrifting tomorrow...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

G Moe Superstar!

MM is hitting the streets like a ton of bricks! As evidence here's MM's "distribution manager," aka my dad, showing off his latest piece of box restyling handiwork. Go dad!

Long time no post!

Ay, yi, yi!!! I have been so busy lately! For the past 4 days or so the Ol' Man and I have been busting ass putting the March issue of MM to bed and between that and this upcoming auction I've barely been treading water.

Any spare time I've had recently has been getting pumped into my studio. The past two days have been really nice. Warm afternoons with the roll up door open letting all the sunshine in. Best of all today was the first day I haven't had to turn my heater on in about 3 months! So lovely...

Bob with ferns and creeping Charlie

Is this one finished? Who can say. It does make me chuckle for some reason though...

Strawberries with curls and zinnias

Silver with mixed bouquet

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Evil Jungle Prince

I have fallen under the spell of an evil jungle prince! I don't remember what I was googling today but somehow I stumbled upon this image and got totally excited. Whatever I was searching for I know it was definitely not food related. I think I was looking up spring plants or something random. Anyhoo, the EJP has pages of awesome looking dishes on his site and his recipes are clear and concise. I am so looking forward to trying this stuff!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


This is my first of many posts concerning the upcoming GASA Auction! Show and Sale. GASA stands for the Graduate Art Students Association and provides valuable resources to the art studio grads at Sac State as well as the community at large. Through GASA we've have been able to host speakers and various other art events that have benefited both Sac State as well the larger art scene in Sacramento. In addition to this GASA also provides travel and research monies for graduate art students. I really can't stress how valuable GASA is to us grads!

That said we're hosting an auction next week to raise funds for our organization. The show opens March 3rd and silent bidding can take place all the way through the auction itself on March 6th. In addition to this the work may also be viewed at the official GASA auction site. If you are interested in bidding on something you see on the site but cannot make it to the event just email me and I will make sure that your bid gets noted.

This is a great opportunity to score a great piece of work at a low, low price!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Something for me to ponder

So when I went to copy the link for CroselyKook today off of You Tube I noticed that the third choice on videos one might enjoy after viewing mine was Sexi Farts Kitchen. Curious...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Works in progress

Wig Work

Platinum with Holly and Edelweiss, 2008

Auburn with Lilies, 2008

Brunette with Pussy Willow and Ivy, 2008

Brunette with Fall Leaves and Twigs, 2008

Sandy Blonde with Hydrangea, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Working shmoe

Today was a busy day beginning at 8:30am when my pop and I hit the streets to put out new MM boxes! Yeah!!! Unfortunately, I was a little groggy at first due to that dang Lucas novel which is indeed a page turner. I'm about 65 pages in at this point and filled with hatred for that meddling Arthur asshole. Such a fuck up. Will he get what's coming to him? Who can say...

Post box drop I had lunch with LP and hit a couple of campus shows then trudged back into my studio to apply my nose firmly to the grindstone.

This evening for dinner I made something that has now become part of my regular repertoire. Kickpleat's roasted veg/baked pasta recipe is a satisfying quick dinner. In general I love just about every recipe I've tried off everybody likes sandwiches,totally worth checking out.

Now back to writa, writa, writing...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Excellence knows no boundaries, no frontiers...

LA was a hoot! A crazy whirlwind up all night, drink too much, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, hoot!

Upon our arrival Friday night we were greeted by sparkling conversation accompanied by a fresh bottle of sparkling wine and Fernet-Branca. Distilled from over 40 herbs and spices including myrrh(!), Fernet is one of my favorite spirits though I will admit it is an acquired taste. Upon my first trying of it I likened it to drinking a liquor made from distilling cigar boxes but in a good way. I will tell you though, no matter how much you may like it, getting boozed up on a combo of it and champagne can make for a rocky, dehydrated hang over the next day.

Fortunately, our stellar hostess with the mostess, Ms. Nice greeted us with this awesome breakfast spread including pumpkin schnapps shots to dull the pain the next morning. Yes, I said pumpkin and no we did not actually drink it so much as look at it and laugh at how nasty it is.

That night I had the delicious, delicious tan tan men at Kouraku in Japan Town. While I have to admit it was not the absolute best ttm I've ever had it finished in a strong second to Edokko here in Sac which is saying something. In addition to the soup we also sampled the shu-mai and garlic spinach, the combination of which sent my lingering hang over packing.

I pulled this pic off of yelp as I was way too tunnel visioned on my dinner to bother snapping any pics.

The Real Boss Hoss was rad(!) and populated with so many people I haven't seen in so long. I also scored a copy of Mike Lucas' new page-turner Devil Born Without Horns. Mr. T's bowl is a an interesting place. I sorta wish it existed in Sac but without the tweeky alien/robot-esque staff that runs the place. I also now know for future reference that front loading at the bowl is advised as the drinks inside are about a million $$$ a piece.

The next morning we hit Clifton's Cafeteria for brunch and as OMF said, "I can't believe that if I had died yesterday I would have never known the joy of Clifton's." So true! It not as cheap as a place like this seems like it should be but the interior totally makes up for it. I've heard rumors that it's owned by the employees although I have not had that verified. Visiting Clifton's has sparked a desire in me to hit as many old school LA haunts as possible in my future travels. Philippe's French dip is next on my list.

The dim lighting in the place insured that the images I shot of my meal came out looking like they were taken in the year this sort of fare was en vogue. Trust me it was all quite tasty including the jello cubes, steamed spinach, and orange ole.

From Clifton's the Ol'man and I visited Another Year in LA which was pretty great. It's an art gallery located along with a few other art galleries in the former Capitol Records pressing plant in Highland Park. The current show up features work by LA artists who also own galleries. There was a video piece by fette that was super cool amongst other things.

My culinary adventure through LA ended with El Pescador which is about a block from the gallery and features some of the best seafood I've ever had. This morning I woke up kicking myself for not trying their ceviche. Stupid, stupid!

Our whirlwind trip ended with a late night drive home which has become our standard on weekend trips to the city of angels. I suppose you got no choice if you wanna cram it all in...