Thursday, January 3, 2008

Your first warning

I'm giving everyone a hearty heads up this month about 2nd Saturday because there's some good shit going on, most notably the LA show at the Center. I love, love, love, Paul McCarthy... love. Not only will he be featured in the show but so will John Baldessari, Raymond Pettibon, and Ed Ruscha. David E and Cathy Stone are curating the show and will be giving a lecture on January 10 about the work. Seriously people, Paul McCarthy in Sac. Go, go, go!!!!!

Two Figures: One Leaping (Orange): One Reacting (With Blue and Green) John Baldessari

Brown Course of Empire, Ed Ruscha

Next up is a little something that's not necessarily happening on 2nd Sat but is a definite must see anyway. Chris Daubert is putting on The Hidden, his first major installation piece since Travellers Amidst Rivers and Streams at Davis' Pence Gallery. The Pence Gallery is almost always worth a visit and then when you get there you can walk around the corner and get a hotdog at the Hotdogger and everything will be awesome.

Chris Daubert

Lastly, something's brewing at Tangent, the gallery I love to plug! When I have more particulars I'll have oodles to say about it.

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