Thursday, January 3, 2008

To the assholes in the black Toyota...

it is my sincere wish that you and others like you who decide it is funny, raunchy, or complimentary to harass female joggers experience a painful burning in your privates that leads to your dicks rotting off and your wives leaving you.

Today while out running I received "compliments" about my behind from a car full of early thirties dudes while jogging around Land Park. Take note, I am talking about adults here, not teenagers. As I ran up 2nd Ave I noticed that the car was stopped at the light ahead of me so like a little kid I waited mid run at the light rail tracks a half block back until the light turned green so as to avoid them. Yes, I could have said fuck it and ran right up there and waited because I really don't think their intention was to hop out and molest me, but I didn't feel like being harassed further. I can also tell you from experience that yelling something back on the order of "eat shit" does little to no good. In fact it often gets a chuckle out of said offender leading me to believe it is better to ignore them.

Anyway, it's really lame that a grown woman can't take off for a jog in the middle of the damn day without being messed with. I also know that writing this won't do much more than allow me to vent because I don't care to give these jackasses enough credit as to assume that they are in any way literate. How could you be when you're a step above Ted Bundy and a fine hair below the shit I'd scrape off the bottom of my shoe?

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