Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shit snowball

For the past week and a half or so I've really been eatin' it. Hopefully this week brings matters to a close. Thursday I go to traffic court to square off for the second time with a short tempered no nonsense judge about a smog infraction. Tonight I discovered that a dumb mistake on the part of my credit card has cause some mayhem with my bank account. Speaking of which I heard this great piece on Fresh Air last week about gotcha capitalism that is just making my blood pressure rise even more when I think about stupid Bank of America and stupid Washington Mutual. As background music to all of this fun I've been slowly hackin' away at a paper work problem at Hornet Tech that's sucking away my free time like a sieve. While I'm in the middle of a video project at the moment that I would love to just get lost in, I've had more complications arise than I have fingers and toes. Piss and moan. Piss and moan. Today I'm off to San Francisco for a much appreciated break.



Anonymous said...

Golden 1! Golden 1! Golden 1!

Chanta Claus

Liv Moe said...

yeah, i'm gonna let things settle out at wamu and then join omf's credit union. nuts to these jerk-off banks!

beckler said...

that show made me sooooooo mad! that and the one about the rich getting richer.

when he was pointing out how dumb it is the say, bank of america atms pretend that they dont' know how much us bank is going to charge you i realized that was true

Anonymous said...

Zoe Gustafson will be so proud.