Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Setting the Scene

Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon shooting my work in preparation for new projects. For the past couple of years I've been taking a combination of slides and digital although my digital camera is dinky and crappy so I mostly use it set up shots so that I know what to do when I actually have film in my camera. I should take a picture of my Okie light set-up. It's a miracle I've never lit my hair on fire as I perched between my 2 industrial halogens that are usually clamped to ladders or chairs or stools or whatever else is handy. Here's what I gots so far:

This is my first in a series of tiny paintings about a trip the Ol' Man and I took to Bodie. The series is called Tiny Bodie. I think I will have to scan these images because they are too small for me to shoot. This painting is about 2"x2" and no matter how hard I try the photos come out a little blurry.

For an idea of scale Tiny Bodie is on the wall in the back right behind the chair in it's protective frame. Small, small, small.

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