Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fire and Brimstone

What did you do last Friday?

I began my day with a content meeting for MM and was actually shocked we got the brave 4 souls who showed. On my way in I passed 2 downed trees one of which took out a bunch of power lines on 16th street. To my surprise I discovered that one can drive over a down power line, no big whoop. When I arrived at the Crest buses were cruising the mall due to an excess of debris on the tracks preventing light rail from functioning. It made me wonder if the slacker teenagers who ride it all day for something to do had a more difficult time sneaking on and off the buses as opposed to the trains.

Post meeting after going back home and discovering that the wind had sheered off the lock on my back gate I grabbed my camera and tooled around Midtown shooting downed trees. It was quite the scene out there. I don't think I have ever seen that many trees down in one day. My last count was 8 and I didn't really travel around that many neighborhoods.

Driving around that day was seriously like being in one those natural phenomenon movies only instead of it being birds or ants it was trees. I kept wondering how much warning you get before a big tree comes down. Are there a lot of cracking noises? Does the earth shake? A big tree came down about a block from my folks house and they didn't even notice until it dropped.

When I got home from photoing I could see my breath in the dining room an occurrence I hadn't experienced since living in the Pet and Puppy Center. After about a minute's thought I gathered up the little dog and we headed out for pizza with my sis and brother-in-law.

We went to Chicago Fire Pizza which was pretty good. The prices are reasonable and their wine list ain't bad. Not that I'm some big buffalo wing connoisseur but their bw's are really, really tasty. We got the stuffed crust deep dish which was delicious but doesn't touch Zelda's, although little can in my opinion. I did chuckle at the thought, however, that all those whiny Zelda's haters out there now have a nice sterile place to enjoy a deep dish pie complete with chipper service.

I closed my day at Simon's with friends from out of town which is a pretty decent place to grab a drink. Best of all Don Imus runs the door.

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