Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 12: I am a genius!

The Tribal Alliance held their welcome back to session party last night at Mason's and I was in attendance for the 3rd year in a row. Whenever I attend stuff like this I think tonight I'm gonna be wise and not over do it, however, as usual after about 20min, caution was thrown to the wind and I was haulin' back tasty wines and even tastier snacks like it was going out of style but more about that in a minute...

My day began with a breakfast of coffee and nothing else - smart I know. For lunch I found myself in the REI/COSTCo neighborhood and decided to try Tacos Del Mar, a move I regretted for the rest of the afternoon. The burrito was small and the rice inside was sweetened(?!)... nasty. For $6.50 this lack lustre burrito was served with big-bag-of-Smart-and-Final-tortilla-chips style chips, and a cup of salsa that tasted like a sweetened cup of tomato paste with something leafy and green suspended in it. Cilantro? Green onions? I don't know.

Now back to that dinner I was talking about. After my first glass of wine I did what I normally do which is decide that despite what any previous experience may have taught me, tonight I will eat and drink whatever I like and feel none the worse tomorrow. From this decision on it was foie gras? Sure! Tasty little beef rolls on some sort of soft cheese cracker? Yes, thank you. More wine? I would love some! Oysters on the half shell? Yep! How about a bloody mary shooter? oh yeah!

This went on for close to 2 hours at which point my party decided to beat feet and get dinner where I decided that Thai green curry along with another glass of wine would be a good idea. I am so smart! A delightful chocolate mousse topped the evening off and then it was home to bed.

I was out about the minute my head hit the pillow and slept fitfully until 3am at which point I awoke realizing I had been tossing and turning most of the evening tracking the narrative of one creepy dream after another. Every time I thought about that green curry I felt a little shiver in my tummy and wondered what the hell I was thinking. I guess some folks never learn...

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