Tuesday, January 15, 2008

an agreeable day

Yesterday afternoon was just what I needed. I say afternoon because the morning was spent at WAMU pleading my case:( Jerks.

The occasion for our trip to the city was to drive a piece of art to SF for R Haley who is currently holed up in Pensacola Florida and loving every minute of it. The trip there was lovely and dotted with intermittent bursts of sunshine and fog. We took the work to the San Francisco Art Commission Gallery located inside the Herbst Theatre across the street from city hall. There was already a lot of great work at the show in varying stages of installation. It's an interesting space in its teeny tiny-ness. So small.

After dropping off the goods we headed to the Ferry building to meet AS for coffee before heading out. Ever since I read Kant's theories on beauty, how one defines it, and how it should exist I've been giving consideration to my own definition of the concept. For a wonderful hour I experienced it sitting on the pier watching a container ship come in. I've realized that perfect relaxation for me is beautiful. Sitting somewhere enjoying pleasant scenery, interesting conversation, and the right mix of strangers to watch is absolute bliss in my book. In recent years I can recall similar experiences, many which also took place in front of bodies of water. A dip in the river in the summer is an activity that almost always sets me straight.

While still an undergrad I read Fish Story by Alan Sekula along with the additional writings he's done about containerization all of which has given me an endearing appreciation for container ships. Not so much because I am all for the way they drove dock culture into obsolescence but because formally they're outstanding objects and the development of the industry is pretty fascinating. Also because it's a world that was once foreign to me and pretty much still is and yet I have this knowledge of it which is kinda neat. It's hard to explain but it's like a world so foreign to me that appreciating it takes me out of my usual routine for a little while. Long story short I shoot pictures of these whenever I get the chance.

On the way home OMF and I stopped in Vacaville and ate at Torch of India. YUM!!! So good and delightfully affordable. The naan was perfect, like buttery little dough clouds. We split saag panir and chicken vindaloo and were full but not stuffed. I also liked that the meal came with free, refillable, spicy as hell papadums. num, num, num.

When we returned to the car from the restaurant Buddy made a smell in the truck that was gag worthy but couldn't be tracked down. It's always a bummer when your dog shits in your car, however, in some ways it's almost as disconcerting when he leaves a disembodied smell in the truck. I kept thinking maybe he crapped and ate it or perhaps there's something horrible waiting for me under one of the seats. WHERE IS IT COMING FROM!!!! It was making us laugh on the way home because it was so bad. We never did discover the source and weren't free of it until we all left the truck.

By the time I got home shit was windy(!) so I finished off the day with a bath, a cup of tea, and a cookie.

All in all an agreeable day.

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