Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No parking baby

This past 2nd Saturday was pretty fab. Beginning at Body Tribe with this little number which would have been G Bomb's X-mas present if it weren't for the 50 smacker price tag.

No Parking on the Dance Floor(?), oil(?)/acrylic(?) on canvas(?)

Then to the Axis/CCAS complex for two outstanding shows. This is probably the best combo I've ever seen there. The Axis is putting on Fussfactory 12 featuring a slew of talented west coast artists. Two of my favorites were Freya Channing's outstanding dog/sheep/goats constructed out of hemp fiber and Margaret Griffith's wonderful architectural watercolors that are so simple and elegant. One of the best parts of Freya's piece - for me - is the way the hind quarters of her creatures look almost exactly like Buddy's. I really wanted to pet them and I probably could have gotten away with it but I restrained myself.

Freya's creatures with the artist herself in the back left.

More Freya...

So cute bottom!

The Center is featuring San Francisco artist Christopher Irion's photobooth project. Irion has traveled 8000 miles and taken 2000 photos. The show at the Center features images of the employees at Pride Industries in Roseville. This show may very well be the best use of this space I've seen to date. The photos are very well installed although I could have done without the spooky electronica music. I don't think it was intentional and it colored my impression of the show as much as I tried to ignore it.

So if you're out and about this weekend and have a hankering for art please, please, please go check these 2 shows out. I was really bummed that there weren't more people in these galleries. These shows shouldn't be missed!!!

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Wow! That is quite a painting!