Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The necklace

On Christmas day 1973, one year after my grandfather died,(my mother's father), my mother and my grandmother went to Montana to visit my uncle after one of his first trips to Alaska. This is what he got her that year:

This year it was one of the many lovely presents my mother gave me. I love it so much I am almost afraid of it. For the time being - or perhaps forever - I will be keeping it in a safe place. I really can't imagine losing it.

In addition to this lovely gift my ma also embroidered an awesome set of hillbilly themed dish towels for me and gave me a copy of Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant. Granted I asked for that one but it was a good gift anyway. I began reading it today and I am already bowled over by the introduction. I'll save the quotes for later when I've finished it.

Speaking of food, every year my ma puts out a spread that would have made the Romans blush. There were untold varieties of cheese, potato pancakes with smoked salmon and caviar, steak skewers, meatballs, empanadas, nuts, pies, bread, and shrimp. Not to mention enough wine to choke a horse, port, brandy, and beer. It's crazy, and as I have been known to do in past years, I overindulged to the point of queasiness. When the Ol' Man and I got home many glasses of wine and heaps of hors d'oeuvres later I felt like a boat listing on a rocky sea. I laid in bed very still with a glass of water waiting for my tummy to settle before I passed out. Fortunately Christmas Eve comes once a year.

I told my cousin B that Christmas Day is sorta of a funny day for us as we open most of our presents on Christmas Eve. Once the big family production is through, most of the holiday itself is left to OMF and I to open our own presents and lollygag around with little or nothing to do. It's bliss basically.

Speaking of the Ol' Man... he gave me a tree(!!!) this year, - and no, that's not a euphemism for anything - a locket, and a copy of Mingering Mike: The Amazing Career Of a Soul Superstar amongst other things. Dori Hadar's discovery, is truly one of the number one reasons to bust ass out of bed early in the am and hit a flea market. So cool!

Christmas Day was finished with a prime rib dinner at my folks' to round out the previous nights gorge fest and then back home for the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. WPTH is so sweet. The soundtrack is a bit much but it becomes less of an annoyance as the film progresses.

All in all a fine holiday.

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