Monday, December 3, 2007


The Holiday FUNraiser was... fun! Although, I aint postin' any pics as I have to save them for my precious, precious magazine.

Since Saturday night I've decided that record store shows are great and that Sac should have more of them. Especially since we could use another all ages venue in this town. The only pit fall is that if you linger around the aisles long enough you'll start buyin' shit which I suppose is the point, however, I tried to keep my blinders on for that specific reason.

The DJ's in the Avid Reader and Records were great too not to mention all of the yummy food. Browsing for books and records to a sweet soundtrack with tasty treats is a pretty alright way to spend a freezing cold Saturday if you ask me.

All in all good times. Thanks to everyone who came out and super thanks to everyone who threw a toy or some sweet moola in the direction of a needy kid as that was what it was all about.

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Heather K. said...

I'm so bummed I missed this! I had planned on going, and my family pulled a last minute get together to discuss our depressing holiday plans.

I'm really glad to hear it went well!!