Sunday, December 30, 2007

The experiment

Okay, so this may prove to be really tedious but as I have continued to read AITKWAE I started wondering how some of the essayists in the book have managed to keep track of what they've eaten over the years. This got me thinking about my food memory and so I have decided that I will keep track of what I eat for the next month. I don't plan on getting terribly descriptive as I really just see this as a sort of experiment. A chance for me to look back over thirty days and either marvel or shake my head in sullen disbelief at what I subsist on. It should be noted as well that I don't diet nor do I plan on dieting in the near future. I'm really just doing this out of curiosity as to my eating habits. Here we go:

Day 1
2 large pieces of spice cake
Turkey and swiss sandwich on sourdough from the Coffee Garden - which was really, really, good BTW - potato chips, pickels
3 pieces of sausage, olive, and mushroom pizza from Famous Pizza and half of a dinner salad with ranch dressing

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