Monday, December 17, 2007


Awesome! Sara Tecchia Roma New York curated a show using work from the Saatchi Gallery Online.

I have to say Saatchi online art hosting is an overblown underdeveloped bunch of bologna. In theory I suppose it could have worked but really, once your work is uploaded it is then swallowed up into Saatchi's online ocean. Any lofty ideas that this site may have democratized the art world, minimizing the importance of the dealer, putting the power in the artists hands is moot. Whenever I meet someone who proudly tells me they have work on Saatchi's site I just nod and try to look as impressed as I can manage, secretly thinking "well that will do you a lot of good."

It is for this cranky reason that I am stoked that a curator is taking the ball and running with it. It's gonna take galleries like Sara Tecchia Roma New York to make Saatchi online work. I've had work on the Saatchi site for awhile now and have seen nary a bite. Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way bitter about this because really I didn't expect to get much back from it, I just figured it was a worthy experiment. They used to post the number of artists who participate but it looks like they don't anymore. The last time I check it was in the hundreds of thousands and with that many participating artists, how will gallerists or patrons search for talent without making it a month long affair? Most successful galleries receive upwards of 20 portfolios a week from artists looking to get shows which takes time in itself. It is for this reason that I think the Sarah Tecchia idea is so great because it is specifically taylored to searching for work on the Saatchi site as opposed to the hope that an existing gallery or patron will just happen upon you amidst a sea of other contenders.

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