Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Warhol rolls over

I just caught this article about the photography ban at the Pop Art Portraits Show at the National Portrait Gallery in London. While on a conceptual level I agree that the ban is a little silly I have to admit that I'm kinda over folks bringing cameras in museums. I say this for two reasons.

1. Despite the no flash signs everywhere you still see flashes going off constantly and it kinda drives me crazy. Not because of the flash itself, although that can be annoying, but because we're given the opportunity to take photos with one tiny stipulation and folks can't stick to it. While I don't know how many collective flashes have to add up to damage I'd think that the amount of traffic that goes through a gallery in a day adds up to a fair amount of light. I noticed this most recently at the NY MOMA when 3 separate individuals were using flash photography on De Kooning's Woman I in the less than 5 minutes that I spent looking at. Also, a fair amount of pop art was print on paper and various other materials that weren't necessarily the most archival things ever making them particularly light sensitive.

2. I feel like a turd for typing this but it gets old when you're looking at a work and then a group of people walk up wanting to take a group photo in front of what you're looking at. I applaud anyone's enthusiasm for art so really I should be stoked when someone loves something so much that they want to get their photo taken in front of it but at the same time it's Woman I, not the Grand Canyon.

I guess OMF's curmudgeonly ways are rubbing off on me...

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