Monday, November 19, 2007

King Khan and Korean BBQ

In a word Saturday night was perfect. It was Skipper's birfday so OMF and I took him to the King Khan and BBQ Show in Oakland. In honor of Der Skipper's special day and KKBBQ we took him to Ohgane Korean BBQ and it was so goddamn good! I got the tender marinated spicy pork, Skipper got the beef, and OMF got this insanely spicy chicken. Everything was served with about 16 little dishes of delicious surprises along with seaweed soup, tea, and rice water. Aside from the tasty assortment of meats I think my favorite were the tiny dried fish that come with roasted peanuts. Skipper reminded me that they have these little fish at Oto's so I know where I'm going over the holiday weekend. I have already warned the Ol' Man that I plan on walking around town munchin' on dried fish from now on.

The show like the meal that proceeded it was great. King Khan was decked out in an up to there black velvet mini dress that left very little to imagination. His performance was a little bit like Chuck Berry meets Screamin' Jay meets Hasil Atkins meets 50s duwop, while BBQ's simultaneous drum and guitar playing was mesmerizing. The show was so fun that I contemplated going to the SF show the next night but sadly grad school is a harsh mistress:(

The Mantles show in Sac the night before was pretty good too. Their drummer is outstanding! Sadly, the show got fucked upped and they didn't go on til midnight thus playing to about 5 of us. It was like a serenade really. A loud, smelly serenade...

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