Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gotta love him

I really love Peter Schjeldahl. Not just because, like me he also hails from Fargo,ND, but because he says stuff like this:

I think you put the stuff up, and you make sure the light is nice, and that the noise level isn't too high. Anything else you do is on you. The point is that a Rembrandt is a Rembrandt whether it's in the great hall of a national gallery or in a subway toilet. And I'll go to either place. I'll look at it with a flashlight, I don't care. And I hope I'm not being entirely snarky in saying that art lovers are a disorganized minority constituency in the conduct of the art culture. We are like selfish children; all we're interested in is art. And we learn to . . . we have our improvised guerrilla tactics. Getting in, getting past all the gorgons, and educators, and labels, and getting what we want and then going home. Keeping a low profile. I guess maybe I try to serve this constituency which you can't treat as a constituency—it's like herding cats, right?—by amplifying their experience.

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