Monday, November 5, 2007

Food was here

At one dinner performance, Matta-Clark served live brine shrimp swimming in broth in the middle of a halved, cooked egg white. “Some nonartist customers were furious and claimed there should be a law against us,” she wrote. “We told them guest chef days were no holds barred days and they could leave if they wished. So they did.” - Caroline Goodden quoted in the NY Times

NY was great! I got back Saturday night and have been drowning in grad review obligations for the past 24hrs. Sadly, I still don't have time to make a more interesting post but in the meantime here is a pic of Food's former location at Prince and Wooster.I am a big Gordon Matta-Clark fan and was delighted to discovered upon arriving in NY that my friend AS is as well and so on the second night of our stay we ventured out in search of Food after enjoying some of the best pizza ever in Manhattan.

Once we reached the corner of Prince and Wooster we surveyed our four options and selected the one we felt most likely to be Food. On closer inspection we found this:

It would be pretty thrilling to say the least if Sac's art community got together and started an inexpensive, no bullshit, food focused restaurant in Midtown, or maybe Oak Park(?). A girl can dream I suppose...

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